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Viewing topic "Problems with correct routing for MOX8 inputs for recording"

Posted on: February 24, 2015 @ 05:02 PM
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Joined  02-18-2015
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I just picked up my MOX8 Sunday and after some stumbling blocks in Logic I have been using Cubase 8 Artist which seems to play much nicer with the MOX.  I am however now stumped over something that should be easy enough.  I want to have an acoustic Guitar and Mic run into the mono inputs on the mic but in Cubase whichever input I choose (for the seperate tracks the mic seems to pick up on both tracks and I want the recording to be independent through those 2 inputs if that makes sense.  So I guess my question is 2 fold:

In what setting on the MOX can I ensure that each mono input is seperate and then in turn what I would use as the appropriate inputs in Cubase.

Right now my options in Cubase are to choose:

Stereo in 1 Bus (Options for left and right device port)

Mono in 1 Bus

Mono in 2 Bus

In all of those my options are the Yamaha MOX device ports 1 - 4

I know this is just a matter of setting routing properly but compared to my old setup with an audio interface the choices were straightforward and intuitive and I am just not there yet with the MOX and Cubase and all reference I find is using just 1 of the inputs, not both at the same time.


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