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Viewing topic "Connecting computer, UR44, Motif Rack ES, and P-200 Piano"

Posted on: January 22, 2015 @ 06:22 PM
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Thanks in advance for your help with this.  I am new to Cubase and to the Steinberg UR44.  I recently purchased Cubase 7 Artist.  I have been using a Yamaha QY700 sequencer for a long time, but I’m switching over to Cubase now.  All of my work is centered on live sound rather than recording specifically.  I have been using my Motif Rack ES (it has six outputs) to send to the mixer and amps, and would like to continue having all the output signals come from the Motif if possible, and not from the UR44.
So, here is my question.  I want to use Cubase and the UR44 just as I did the QY700.  I want all of the sounds to come out of the outputs on my Motif Rack ES.  Can you please tell me the easiest way to connect the computer, UR44, and Motif Rack ES?  I also have a P-200 piano that I send all my acoustic piano tracks to, as I have not found a better acoustic piano sound yet.  So, I really have no idea about where to start with hooking all of these devices up with Midi cables, and really need some help.  Also, for right now, I am not at all concerned with doing any audio recording.  I just want to get the midi part of it set up.  So, I’m not really sure if the UR44 is a “midi interface” or not.  I will buy a midi interface if I need to, but I thought the UR44 would do it.  Thanks, Dan Brown P.S. If you recommend that I get a midi interface (seems like the UR44 is really an audio interface) please give me the name of a very good product that I can purchase to do this.  Thanks!

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Posted on: January 22, 2015 @ 07:40 PM
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You don’t need a MIDI interface! The Rack ES has one built in.

See page 18 of the manual. The TIP on page 19 shows how you can hook up your P200 and sequence it from Cubase using the Rack ES as interface.

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