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Viewing topic "UR44 mixer audio routing to Windows 7"

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Posted on: November 29, 2014 @ 10:28 PM
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philwoodmusic - 29 November 2014 02:07 AM

Another thing you could do is to connect your mic and your EWI (not sure what that is) to your UR44 using it purely as a mixer.

Connect UR44 main outputs to the A/D inputs on the MOX8 so the MOX mixes everything, then you get to hear all your gear.

You can use 5 pin din MIDI cables for MIDI to a small inexpensive MIDI interface and you can record any of it as audio using the MOX interface via USB to a DAW if you needed to.

Plug normal headphones into your MOX.

That may not work with your space but it would make a lot of sense.

EWI is the AKAI’s Electronic Wind Instrument. It’s got a wireless box that routes the audio to the speakers. As of now, I connected the EWI to UR44, 4 lines, 2 from MOX8 and 2 from EWI. The mixed output is what I listen to my wired headphones.

Could you explain more on this :
You can use 5 pin din MIDI cables for MIDI to a small inexpensive MIDI interface and you can record any of it as audio using the MOX interface via USB to a DAW if you needed to

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Posted on: November 29, 2014 @ 11:28 PM
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Although, I’m not sure it applies given that you’ve told me what the EWI actually is and I’d take a bet that you have the USB version anyway.

Using 5 Pin DIN MIDI cables (or the old school MIDI way, if you like) would allow you to build a ‘network’ of MIDI compatible instruments that exist outside of computer connections (like USB) but allow you to MIDI control everything leaving your USB ports mostly free. You would need to use one USB port for a MIDI interface that could bring multiple devices together.  This now sounds like a totally irrelevant suggestion, though.

If you do have a USB EWI and of course your MOX8 is USB, you may as well plug it’s L+R outputs into the EWI (I keep typoing that as EWF - that’s how SOUL I am) and your Mic into the UR44, too, using it as a mixer and then plug the main outputs of the UR44 into the MOX8’s A/D inputs.

You are aware that the MOX8 is a very nice sounding 2 in / 4 out audio interface right?...and it does the same thing as your UR44 but with a bit less connectivity...and that you can use it to record the AUDIO of anything that has been plugged into the A/D inputs direct to a DAW (like Cubase) such as a mic or a guitar (or an EWI).

MIDI would also work via USB to a computer.

Your UR44 would be superfluous if you didn’t really need to connect and mix BOTH your mic and your EWI at the same time, because either could be simply plugged into the MOX8’s A/D input at different times.

You might actually be much better off with a real mixer of some kind rather than your UR44, it seems a waste of a nice interface to use it as a mixer rather than as an interface in the regular sense.  You could then plug the outputs of that into the A/D inputs on the MOX8

You could also just go the regular UR44 way too, which would lead me back to my first post on this thread.

From how you have already had things set up, you don’t strike me as someone who wants to make audio recordings though, so everything I’ve mentioned may be totally irrelevant.

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