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Viewing topic "Device setup / VST output connections problem"

Posted on: November 10, 2014 @ 11:54 AM
Total Posts:  40
Joined  01-29-2012
status: Regular

Whenever I open an existing project in Cubase 5 I always have to manually select the audio inputs for audio channels. I have a preset stored in the VST connections window (F4) I select this then save the project, however when I open it the settings are not remembered. When I look at Device setup from the devices menu the Audio Inputs MOX-1 to MOX-4 are listed as active but not visible. I make them visible save the settings select the inputs from the VST connections menu then save the project , but when I reload it the inputs are not visible in the Devices setup page or selected in the VST input connections. If I select the preset in the VST input connections drop down window everything works fine. However It’s annoying having to select the inputs every time I load a project.

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