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Viewing topic "MOXF6/8 DRUMS"

Posted on: November 30, 2013 @ 10:15 AM
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One of the nice features of the drums on the Mx61/49 was that with a push of a button you could add drums to any performance or voice. Is that possible with the MOXF6/8 ?  It seems that drums have to be pre-programmed ? 

I was able to find certain Styles easily on the MX61 by either Latin / Disco / Jazz etc..

It seems that I am only finding drum sets on the MOFX6 ?

I can’t seem to find a Latin Bosa Nova anywhere either ?

Are Drum Patterns present and listed in styles ? Does anybody know if there is a Bosa Nova Beat present in the MOFX6/8 or can it be downloaded?

In order to accomplish this on the MOXF6 would I have to pre program certain performance patterns for each style say perhaps? Or are they already present ?


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Posted on: November 30, 2013 @ 10:53 AM
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The MOXF, in case you didn’t or don’t know what you have purchased, is a music production workstation, with over 2300 drum grooves -stored in the very flexible and customizable Arpeggio engine. The MX49/MX61 are not workstations at all, but are designed to work with a computer to do things like record and so forth. The MX feature just over 200 drum grooves - stored as simple drum rhythm patterns.

The MOXF has drums phrases that function as Intros, Main Sections of varying complexities, Fill-ins, Breaks, Endings…
The MX49/MX61 has a Rhythm Pattern engine that has basically straight phrases.

So what you are saying it takes more work to deal with the 2300+ drum arpeggios versus the 200 Rhythm Phrases.

Really? We say, you bet! And most people would prefer the flexibility and ability to PRE-program. That’s assumed… It is a Music Production synthesizer.

Did you get the wrong keyboard or are you complaining because you got MORE for your money!?!
Perhaps you are not complaining just making an observation the two keyboard lines are different - with different approaches. On that you’d be correct. Absolutely!

Is it easier to find a drum groove among the 200 versus the 2300+ in the MOXF? Well, right again. We agree!

Don’t complain you have to program, you brought a programmable synth!

As to the question:
Not only are they all listed in the keyboard, they are listed in the DATA LIST booklet, and you can use the SEARCH function in the “MOXF6/MOXF8 Editor”

On board the MOXF you should be able to find a Bossa Nova in ten seconds… Please try this
Press the dedicated [ARP EDIT] button
Press [F2] TYPE
Set the BANK = PRE
Set the CATEGORY = DrPc
Set SubCategory = Latin
Move the cursor down to TYPE and turn the DATA WHEEL until you see “Bossa” appear on the top line of the screen.

If it took you more then ten seconds it was only because it was your first time doing it, trust me, you get faster at it with time!

Now you can record parts of any of the arps to the sequencer and start to customize the data to your liking. There are all the basic and some more creative rhythm phrases… Edit them, keep what you like, this is why people buy a synth workstation like the MOXF… Don’t be afraid of the “work” part of it
Hope that helps!!

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