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Viewing topic "Sequence memory full"

Posted on: November 28, 2013 @ 03:14 PM
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Hi everybody!

I’m quite sure that the answer I’m looking for will be at any place in the older posts but I was looking in and I didn’t find the answer to solve my problem.

First of all, I’m newby with these beautiful machines.
I was doing a new pattern and when I tried to store it, the “sequencer memory full” appeared.

Then I realized that I lost my new pattern, and sadly I accepted that I’m an stupid for not realizing that the space that I had was not enough for my new work.

So I started to ask myself how can I free space in the sequencer memory.

The other question is how to back the data I have on my USB without having risks of loosing the data contained.

THANKS A LOT!!!  (And sorry for my precarious english language)


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Posted on: November 30, 2013 @ 04:58 AM
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Joined  07-30-2002
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Your profile says you have a Motif XF… Hope that is correct.

There is one SEQUENCER in the Motif XF
It has two modes: SONG (linear) PATTERN (looping sections)
The total memory of the SEQUENCER is 1024KB (or 1MB of data)

How many notes that is varies because MIDI events include more than just Notes. Measuring a sequencer by the number of Notes is one of those silly specifications that really is useless (I personally wish it would go way). When you reach 1024KB of data, be they note-Ons, controller movements, Aftertouch, pitch bend, System Exclusive, etc., etc when you reach that amount “Sequencer memory full” will appear. That can happen in one song or twenty songs, or between various dongs and patterns.

First thing you should do with your XF Sequencer is listen to the Factory Demos. Learn what you can from their construction (it does not really matter AT ALL whether you like them or not… They were assembled by folks who know more than you do about the sequencer, so why not take advantage of what they can show you).

Once you have listened to them, assess what you’ve learned… Then please CLEAR THEM ALL. They are in a User memory using up your sequencer memory. (If at a later time you want to restore, hold the two magic buttons and poof! They’re back!!!)

How to Clear All Song
Press [SONG]
Press [JOB]
Press [F6] SONG
Set the SONG number = “all”
Press [ENTER]
Press [YES]

How to Clear All Patterns
Press [JOB]
Press [F6] PATTERN
Set the PATTERN number = “all”
Set the SECTION letter = “all”
Press [ENTER]
Press [YES]

The next thing I feel compelled to tell you is to be frugal with Pattern mode. Pattern mode is designed to be helpful in composition construction. When you have finished constructing the data for a composition and have transferred it to a linear Song you can STORE it and make a backup file.... Then clear it out. If you have a backup you can always restore your data.

Be careful with COPYING data, sometimes you will find you have copied data and are left with unnecessary phrases that are “orphaned” (not used any more)… Clear them.

Make sure you are not recording unnecessary controller data, unnecessary Aftertouch is a common known culprit. After each recording STORE and update your backup file.

My suggestion for working with the sequencer is to always start with a completely empty Sequencer. This way you can use it all for the creation of this one composition.

Assembling songs for a gig or show, (to me) is always a separate thing I do later. When I’m recording a song, I want all the resources of my sequencer focused on the task. It is highly unlikely you will every write a MIDI composition that is one Megabyte in size… At least I don’t want to be standing when you playing it back.

Later you can assemble you SET using the XF’s ability to LOAD individual Song, and individual Patterns on demand. I’ve been using Motifs since the beginning and have never seen SEQUENCER FULL while working on my own stuff (I’ve seen it only when assembling data into one load… And at that point, there is a sense of disappointment, but it’s not like I lost any data… I’m in the process of simply loading data.

Always start with an EMPTY SEQUENCER…

Did you know you can use all 64 PATTERNS (that’s 1,024 Sections) nobody needs that but its available if you work with the concept it is just one big sequencer with two modes used to construct a MUSICAL COMPOSITION.

Hope that helps.

Oh, and one important tip: when using the CLEAR job, because of the way the Edit Buffer that you work in functions… To CLEAR a Song, say you want to clear just SONG 01, go to any other SONG # but set the dialog box to clear SONG 01. It does not let you pull the rug out from under your own feet while you are standing on it.

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