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Posted on: November 27, 2013 @ 12:14 PM
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We’ve been working hard to get plenty of content - new and old - in the shop for new MOXF owners.


1. Voice Libraries: DCP’s Pulse, Axxe, Vintage Keys, B’s Knees, and Air. For those new to Motif, these are the ‘Motif’s’ most popular and sought after libraries. Dave Polich is not only one of the main sound designers for the instrument itself but also a committed forum visitor, who’s been helping people and dispensing wisdom and reality-checks for over a decade. With Dave’s libraries you are in a very safe pair of hands. And ears.

80s Pop / Rock volumes 1 & 2, plus Leads, are three wonderful voice libraries that provide you with some of the classic synth/keyboard patches from hits of the 80s. If you are in an 80s cover band you will not, repeat not, regret one cent of these purchases.

2. Sample Libraries: Instant Score. There are six titles in this fascinating series of loop-based sound libraries. Arne Shulze is a massively experienced sound designer and his work has been used in the world of TV and film for years. These are all sample libraries, so you will need to install a Flash Memory module - which you can also purchase here in the Shop on Once loaded you will find these libraries enticing and valuable. If you ‘work’ in music for picture they are simply a must. If you simply like ‘that sort of thing’ you’ll find it hard to tear yourself away. These libraries are also ‘brand new’ and have only just this month been added to the Motifator Shop for any model Motif!

3. Pattern Libraries: Keyfax NewMedia, the folks who run this site, also produce loop libraries. Currently four libraries in the ‘Twiddly.Bits’ MIDI Sample libraries are available in native MOXF Pattern format: Future Beats, Bottoms Up, Dubstep MIDIKit, and Drums & Percussion. These loops are musician played/created. But since they are created in and load as MIDI data - as opposed to audio samples - they are incredibly flexible. You can, essentially, have beats played by some of the top drummers in the world loaded right into your MOXF. If you’ve not experimented with these before you are really missing one of the great ‘secrets’ of the power of MIDI.

4. Arpeggio Libraries: Rock Solid Drums and Rock Solid Strums are both produced by Keyfax NewMedia. Arpeggios, as you either know or should/will, are what drive your MOXF’s beats and loops in Performances and certain Voices. The MOXF has thousands of preset arpeggios, including some licensed from Keyfax NewMedia! These two collections, however, take your drumming and strumming power to new heights. Sorry, but they just do! They are 1000 times better and more realistic than anything you could hope to program yourself and, with all due respect to the preset arpeggios, a lot more human and realistic than the vast majority of that data as well. Plus, you won’t have to sift through thousands and thousands of items just to find the gems.

Enjoy what’s here right now and we’ll be adding more content as soon.

Happy Holidays!


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Posted on: November 27, 2013 @ 12:25 PM
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I bought Axxe a couple of days ago - Sounds awesome!

I must get an flash so I can get some other stuff I want:)

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