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Viewing topic "How to assign Midi Out per part in Perf Mode ?"

Posted on: May 13, 2013 @ 12:35 PM
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Joined  08-04-2011
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I am trying to figure out how to assign separate audio channel and midi outputs for each part in a performance.
ie Part 1 drums on midi channel 1 and audio output left, Part 2 bass on midi channel 2 with audio output right, Part 3 piano midi channel 3, audio output AsL, etc…

I have not been able to do the midi channel assign and it seems the only audio output choice is left and right.

Obviously I am after separate audio tracks and midi channels per part within the Performance.

How do I go about this ?
Thank you !!!!

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Posted on: May 13, 2013 @ 01:57 PM
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Joined  07-30-2002
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What you are attempting is possible but not recommended. Here’s how and then here’s why....

Each Part of a Performance is automatically set to receive on the one Basic MIDI Receive channel.
Each Part being played by an Arpeggiator can be routed OUT on a separate MIDI Channel.
Each PART of a PERFORMANCE can be routed either to the main stereo Out, or to the Assignable Outputs.

The main stereo Out consists, naturally of a LEFT and RIGHT channel, you send a PART to one or the other or both using a control called the PAN control. If you PAN a PART assigned to the MAIN L/R Output to the extreme right it will exit the keyboard via the RIGHT Output (as long as you bypass the System Effects which return signal to both Left and Right Outputs)

The Assignable Left and Right Outputs can be used as a second stereo pair or you can route signal to one or the other as you desire. Any PART set to OUTPUT SELECT = anything other than the main L/R is removed from the System Effects and System Outputs.

Why this method is not recommended:
If one or more of the Voices in your PERFORMANCE are stereo Voices or use a stereo effect, you will be defeating that processing.

You can assign each PART via the OUTPUT SELECT parameter
Press [EDIT]
Press a PART number [1]-[4]
Select “PLAY MODE”
Cursor down to OUTPUT SELECT
All PARTs default to the main stereo Output (simply referred to as L&R;)

We are not sure what your ultimate goal is but the main outputs are always a stereo pair, you are dealing with some effects that maybe themselves stereo. If you bypass the System Effects, yes you can pan one of the Parts left, and a second one right, and then assign the third to assignable L, and the fourth to assignable R… But what is the goal?

If it is Recording this as audio to a DAW, I would be able to get a far better result than you by taking my time:
Record my playing Performance as MIDI data to the DAW.
Correct/perfect that Performance by editing my data in the DAW
Playback the data to the S90 XS/S70 XS and transfer (record) each Part, one by one, as audio.

In this fashion I’ll be able to get the most out of each PART and get the separate tracks I desire, and utilize the full power of the XS processors and EQ.

yes, a three minute song would take me all of twelve minutes to complete the audio recording (with my four separate playback passes), but twelve months from now, twelve years from now, I’ll be glad I took those extra minutes to capture my audio properly.

If you routing to separate sound systems live - please be aware of the issue with the Effects (return) often being stereo.

Hope that helps.

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Posted on: May 14, 2013 @ 12:51 PM
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Joined  08-04-2011
status: Newcomer

Thank you for such a detailed answer !  And fast.
I reall.y appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share it.

I should have stated my end goal in the very beginning, duh…

I have several Performances that I use with a duo act - guitar player singer.
We use a Presonus mixer with firewire and want to record our gigs w the Presonus audio interface to the Mac running Ableton. 

My Performance is always a bass for my left hand, a keyboard for the right, a second keyboard sound and pad to layer in when needed.

So, I would like to have each of these patches assigned an output from the S90 to the mixer. 

We also have 2 vocals and a guitar running to the board as well.  We each have a Bose L1 and run it stereo.  It really is a lot of fun !!

Thanks again for your reply Bad Mr !!!!

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