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Viewing topic "layers too many or not working?"

Posted on: March 18, 2013 @ 06:53 AM
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Joined  09-14-2012
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Playing a Voice.
Switch to layer, edit piano (1) Pad (2).  no other sounds wanted.
Fader # 2 i pull down for low volume on pad.  Even when i pull completelely out, pad is still heard with the piano.  Seems that after i fidget with faders or move them up down once, it sets correct.  is this right?



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Posted on: March 18, 2013 @ 07:31 AM
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Well, yes but we prefer a better term than “fidget”!

You have your Slider Mode set to “fidget” mode… Here is what is going on:

When you create a Layer, each Part will have a Volume setting relative to the other. The value of the Volume parameter is Stored with the Performance.

The Controller Sliders are not motorized, so it is possible when you recall a Performance that the position of the CS might be out of sync with the stored value for the Volume. If this is the case, you must move the fader until you “hook” the stored value. That is, you must raise or lower the physical slider until it matches the stored value. Then it (the fader) becomes a “live” control. This is when you have SLIDER MODE parameter set to catch.

You literally have to move the slider to catch the stored value.

If you set the SLIDER MODE = jump, the CS becomes active immediately and will “jump” to the position of the physical slider

Please see your REFERENCE MANUAL Page 135

Catch or Jump
Fidget or Surprise!

Most people prefer “CATCH” and always start with the CS all the way up (or all the way down), then if you need to change it you know what direction to move in. Once you pass the stored value you will hear it change. Say you Pad sound is in PART 2, and is stored at 100, if you start with the fader all the way up, as move it down positions corresponding to 127-101 will be ignored, as you reach 100 the fader will be live.

Conversely if the fader was all the down, you’d move it up, all values 1-99 will be ignored, as you pass 100 the CS will “hook” it (like a fish) and it will be “live” from then on.

If you set the SLIDER MODE = Jump as soon as you touch a slider it is alive. Surprise.

Hope that helps.

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