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Viewing topic "Why I chose the s70xs over the motif xf, mox8 and Kronos 73."

Posted on: March 03, 2013 @ 06:31 PM
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Just to summarise why I made this decision for anyone out there weighing up their options. Also good feedback for Yamaha.

Firstly, I chose the s70xs over the xf because of it’s weighted keys. Although the xf clearly has more funtionality with sampling/sequencing I couldn’t see the point of spending the extra and not having the feel I like. I can play back audio on the s70xs which means I can record any sound or song I compose into Logic including voice etc. and play it back on the S70xs. Therefore, onboard sampling seemed like a more finicky way of doing audio than just recording audio on the computer and then playing it back using s70xs and USB. Secondly, I’ve always found using onbaord sequencers painful compared to using computer software, and as the s70xs can record ideas to audio using usb anyway I really couldn’t see much use in having an onbaord sequencer. So in a nutshell I chose key feel over seq/sampler here.

I chose the s70xs over the mox8 because I wasn’t comfortable with only 64 polyphony, no audio record to usb, no aftertouch, a cheaper exterior (not sure on the durability with the casing but it could be fine). The s70xs also offers an extra bank of user performances which is of value to me because often I find these a good inspriation and starting point for ideas. The only negative is that it is 5kg heavier than the MOX8, but still the same length so no bid deal.

So why did I choose the Yamaha s70xs over the Kronos even though the Kronos offered more value for buck? The Kronos takes too long to load once switched on. Many people have complained about the noisy fan and cheap end caps. The main reasons however come down to 3 for me. Number 1: I love Yamaha’s arps and with over 6000 now to choose from I can’t go wrong. Arps are my main way of programming drums because my beats suck. Number 2: I love the megavoices. Number 3: I can’t quite put my finger on why, but the Yamaha still sounds better. I think the acoustic sounds aren’t as good on the Korg but even more than that...the korg Kronos combis left me fairly uninspired. I own a Korg microstation and some of the combis on that are so much fun to mess with, but the korg kronos combis in general sound staid. Yes I know you can do beats etc with Korg Karma and create trills etc like megavoices. Funilly enough I didn’t really want a touch screen either. I think it will look really dated in years to come, finger print smudges all over the screen just like my iphone, and I’m not sure about the stability or longevity of touch screen technology. My iphone touch screen now has a yellow patch on the screen and I hear of many touch screen devices with touch screen issues so.......if it can happen on an iphone i don’t see why it can’t happen on my keyboard touchscreen???

Hope this helps.

When I actually get my s70xs I will post a first impressions summary.

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Posted on: April 18, 2013 @ 11:49 AM
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I just ordered my S90sx ...

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Posted on: May 25, 2013 @ 07:13 AM
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Posted on: May 25, 2013 @ 01:04 PM
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A great post, now I know why I feel so good about my own S70XS purchase (about two years ago now).

The weighted keys are great - I previously played an unweighted SY77 - it is amazing how my playing has improved, and the additional expressiveness is fantastic, with the piano-like keys.

I haven’t really spent much time exploring the arps, but it sounds like I need to put the time aside.

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Posted on: May 26, 2013 @ 07:50 AM
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I have never felt ‘comfortable’ with unweighted keys. When I became a ‘Yammie’, it was with the S80 interfaced with the Motif Classic.It has been 10 years now and have no regrets committing to the Yamaha line of Keyboards and Workstations. Since the beginning I have gone from the Classic to the ES6 with the S80 and now use the S90XS with the ES6. I’ve had the XS6 for about 6 months now, but have been reluctant to put it on the gig because of all that I can do with it and the fun I’m having with it at home interfaced with the ES8, but I digress.

For ‘me’ as a working musician, durability is paramount. I once dropped my DX7 and the only thing that was an issue was a broken key, which still functioned interfaced. The S80 went into the shop ‘ONCE’ for key realignment. The Classic and the ES have never been in the shop. They were used 4 nights a week and for many private engagements over the years.

I say all this to call attention to ‘user objectives’. While I have done some recording with my Motifs, ‘my’ primary use is ‘Live’. The S90XS fills the bill even better than the S80. Weighted keys aside, the additional flexibility that the S90XS brings, with some many more similarities to the Motif have created more options in presentation. I’ll admit I ‘underused’ the S80 and relied on the Motif for depth, the S90XS, because it is more like the Motif workstations is well suited for the type of presentation I can offer as a solo performer.

What stands out with all of these keyboard/Workstations is their ability to serve so many different objectives. Be it a band or solo,recording or interfacing with computers,iPads, other Keyboard/Workstations, Yamaha has gone the extra steps to construct the flexibility of a wide range of demands for a wide range of users to meet a wide range of objectives and goals.

I honestly stopped even exploring other manufacturers because of this. Even when considering addition Voices ‘I’ have been satisfied with the various Voice Bank options offered here. I have learned enough here to also successfully edit existing Voices. There is so much ‘under the hood’ that can be explored if you are willing to get your hands dirty and yet, Yamaha ceaselessly is continuing to come up with greater advances. Having gone from the Classic to where I am now, it is clear that not only does Yamaha ‘listen’ but they make the efforts with a line of Keyboard/Workstations to meet the needs and requests.

I dare say you will be fascinated and stimulated with your S70XS and S90XS. For sure, I have been and still am.
Just a thought........

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