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Viewing topic "Urgent need! Trying to configure a multi to play tango!"

Posted on: February 08, 2013 @ 05:09 AM
Total Posts:  29
Joined  08-27-2008
status: Regular

I´m trying to configure an existing multi to play a slow “scary tango”, but I cant find any tango styles in the instrument arps. I’m using a Motif Rack XS in multi mode, playing up to 3 parts simultanious and leaving one to play with…

Any suggestions? I could use a bass/drums playing straight 4ths, put a “scary synth” pad behind it, and then play the tango rythm on the piano, but drums...maybe there is a latin style that can get closer to the feeling?  Would love the snare or/and percussion to do much of the job…

Posted this in another Forum, lots of Wievs, no answers yet. Hope the Arp people is more creative!

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