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Viewing topic "Help with SysEx command to change Banks on S90 using Logic"

Posted on: December 29, 2012 @ 02:20 AM
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Joined  12-27-2012
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Hi, I am struggling creating the special Parameter change MIDI command that would allow me to change sound bank on my S90. I want to do that in order to select the right sound at the beginning of a track.

After reading more of the S90 manual I found out that you cannot use the standard Bank Select control change commands when in SEQ PLAY mode on the S90. So I am looking now at creating these manual parameter change command and would appreciate if someone can check my format.

What I have tried so far in Logic (in the event window) is the following?

Status Ch Num Val
$F0 $43 $00 $00 Yamaha
$10 $6B $25 $00 $00

This is the MSB command. At least I know that the $43 is in the right place as Yamaha appears on the right side. Then I leave Num and Val to 00 as Yamaha has only one nibble for Manuf ID.

$10 is for 1n (I only have one S90, so I assume n=0)
$6B to my understanding is S90
$25 00 00 is 37 pp 00 which is the address for MSB in MIX SEQ PLAY mode
$3F is 63 which is the value i want to set for MSB

The things that i am really not sure is 1n and pp and whether the values I used are correct or not.

I have tried that with the corresponding LSB command and PC command and it does not work so there must be something not exactly right in my command.

Thank you in advance

My environment is MacBook Pro 2011 - 13”
Mountain Lion 10.8.2
Logic Pro 9.1.8

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Posted on: December 29, 2012 @ 02:58 AM
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Joined  12-27-2012
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Just figure it out now. I had left the 2 extra 00 nibbles after the Manufacturing ID thinking that they should be there. After I put the command in the exact way it should be, it worked perfectly fine. I can now set the bank in SEQ PLAY mode. For future reference here is the set of commands to use for selecting PRE1 bank and program $10 in that bank

$F0 $43 $10 $6B $37 $00 $00 $3F $F7 (MSB=63)
$F0 $43 $10 $6B $37 $00 $01 $00 $F7 (LSB=00)
$F0 $43 $10 $6B $37 $00 $02 $10 $F7 (Program Change to 10 hex)

Logic is not obvious with creating these SysEx command in terms of the formatting. That;s the least I can say :)


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Posted on: December 29, 2012 @ 04:30 PM
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Joined  12-27-2012
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For more reference the commands I posted earlier are to access MIDI channel 1. If you want to access other channels, you replace the middle nibble in the address field. It would be something like:

$F0 $43 $10 $6B $37 $XX $00 $3F $F7 (MSB=63)
$F0 $43 $10 $6B $37 $XX $01 $00 $F7 (LSB=00)
$F0 $43 $10 $6B $37 $XX $02 $10 $F7 (Program Change to 10 hex)

Where XX is the channel number (00 is channel 1, 01 is channel 2, etc..)


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