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Viewing topic "Problem with Layer"

Posted on: November 12, 2012 @ 08:35 PM
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Please, could you help me?

My problem: I choose some kind of piano and as a layer some kind of strings. But when I use sustain pedal, strings sound (play) always, they not behave as piano.

How can I change that? How can I make my strings not to be hold all the time?

Sorry for my English. Thank you very much.

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Posted on: November 13, 2012 @ 01:52 PM
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When you call up a piano Voice, the sustain pedal behaves as you expect. This is because the sutain pedal is designed to work just like it does on a piano. Very few instruments have sustain pedals in the real world. If I asked you to name some you’d have to think really hard.

Strings, in the real world (that is violins, violas, cello, etc., do not have sustain pedals. So you have no expectation of how it should work. So if you want your synth string Voice to behave like the piano, then you need to learn about how a synthesizer makes a pedal emulate what happens when you press a piano sustain pedal.

There are two kinds of instruments: Percussion instruments which are struck, hammered or plucked. And then there are Self-Oscillating instrument which are bowed or blown.

The difference is in the Percussion instruments the oscillation (vibration) is caused by a violent event at the start and the note then dies out on its own. In order to continue the sound you must strike it again. The Self-Oscillating family of instruments the oscillation (vibration) is caused by a pressure being applied to a string or column of air by the musician - and as long as the musician continues applying that pressure the oscillation continues

So, in your synthesizer, all percussion instruments (which includes the piano) the Amplitude Envelope Generator (which take care of how sound changes in volume over time) must create a loudness curve such that after a certain period of time the sound dies completely away. On a piano even if you hold the pedal down, the sound will ultimately fade to 0.

A string player can reverse the direction of the bow without interrupting the note - and can in theory, make that note last forever. A horn player can use a technique called “circular breathing” to continue applying pressure to the column of air in the instrument, and therefore they can extend the note, forever.

There are some (modern) instruments that combine these principals and can do both. But long story short:

If you want to make your STRING sound behave like your PIANO Voice, then take a look at the Piano’s AEG and discover how the DECAY 2 LEVEL for all Elements is 0. THe DECAY 2 LEVEL occurs to return the oscillating piano string to 0 movement.

An ENVELOPE describes the loudness of sound over time: Attack Time = how it comes in
Decay 1 Time is how long it takes to move from full volume to Decay 1 Level, at this point a sound can begin to sustain, die out quickly or slowly die out. Decay 2 Time is how long it takes to move to Decay 2 Level. Release takes over whenever you release the key.

Decay 2 Level = 0 on all sounds that are percussive (like a piano)
Decay 2 Level = anything other than 0; the sound will sustain as long as you hold a key down- and it will sustain at the value of this LEVEL parameter.

This is why your String sound (sorry you did not mention which string sound you were using) sustains forever - the Amplitude Envelope Generator’s DECAY 2 LEVEL is set to a value other than 0. So the sound will sustain and remain at that Level as long as you hold down the keys or as long as your foot is on the sustain pedal.

That should get you started.

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Posted on: November 22, 2012 @ 07:03 AM
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Thank you very much for your precious answer and time you spent by writing that.

I will got it.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

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Posted on: April 27, 2013 @ 11:20 AM
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Please, could you help me? I will be really thankful.

How can I change DECAY? I found that in EDIT in VOICE mode, but there is always 0…

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