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Viewing topic "S90xs data to Motif?"

Posted on: October 30, 2012 @ 08:02 AM
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I live i Sweden with my S90xs, I’ve created a multi that works very well in my band as I can switch easily between 16 different sounds during the gig (thats all I need for one night with my band).

The band might be going to Shanghai for a gig nest year....I don’t want to bring my s90xs on the airplane. So I’ll try to rent an s90xs in Shanghai and just load my settings via USB. But, a have a feeling it will be easiser to find a Motif XS or XF in Shanghai to rent.

How do I transfer my S90xs settings to a Motif XS or XF?
Voice data and Multi setup being the most important settings to transfer.

At least the voice data - as I guess it wouldn’t take too long to create a new multi-program (or whatever it is called on the Motif) with the desired voices.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards from Sweden!

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Posted on: October 30, 2012 @ 02:44 PM
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There is VOICE compatibility between the S90XS/S70XS and the Motif XF.

The Motif XF will be able to LOAD your ALL data file. But it does not really load all of the data, what it does load is the USER VOICES, the PERFORMANCES, and the MASTERs.

Here is what will not work:

Any S90 XS MULTIs will not work - (they are called “MIXING” programs in the Motif XF) - you will need to reassemble your 16 sounds into a SONG MIXING or PATTERN MIXING program on the Motif XF. Load the VOICES and then recreate your MULTI in an XF MIXING.

Because the PRESET VOICES in the two instruments are in different numbered locations - many of the PERFORMANCES will now point to the wrong VOICES… so do not count on any PERFORMANCES that use S90 XS PRESET sounds. Same goes for MASTER programs that point to Preset VOICES or Factory PERFORMANCES, they will simply not always sound properly in all cases (because the Preset data is in different locations)....

Here is what we suggest you do:

Take a look at the 16 VOICES that you use and STORE them, one-by-one, to the first 16 locations of the USER 1 BANK of your S90 XS… the create an S90 XS ALL data file .X2A

Take this file with you, and demand that you get a Motif XF… this will not work for a Motif XS, only the XF!!!

The XF will be able to directly load the S90 XS data, then you can quickly create a SONG MIXING setup with your favorite 16 VOICES in it.

On the Motif XF:
Insert your USB stick - in five seconds it will mount the drive
Press [FILE]
Using the LEFT CURSOR arrow move up to the DIRECTORY and highlight your .X2A file
Press [ENTER]
The File will open and reveal 5 folders: USR 1, USR 2, USR 3, USR 4 and UDR
These are the five USER Banks of your S90 XS.
Select “USR 1”

The word “LOAD” will appear above [SF2] in the screen
Press [SF2] LOAD to execute the load.

Press [SONG] to enter SONG mode
Press [MIXING] to access the Motif XF mixer
You can select your 16 VOICE for the 16 PARTS of the MIXING setup.

Because you are going to be referencing USER VOICE locations (Bank = “US1") the S90 XS sounds will play properly.

When you have your VOICES in place, press [STORE] to write this into the Motif XF’s internal Flash.

Hope that helps. But be certain that you can get an XF, because the XF (2011) came after the S90 XS (2009) it can read the data. Unfortunately, the Motif XS (2007) came two years before the S90 XS so it is not able to read the data.

However, you can download the DATA LIST booklets for the Motif XS, Motif XF and compare the Voices that you are going to use and see if they exist and where they are located in the Motif XS. Try to prepare for all contingencies.

Good luck!

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Posted on: October 31, 2012 @ 10:12 AM
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Bad Mister - Many thanks from Sweden!

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