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Viewing topic "mLan to Cubase 6 on Win 7 x64 –is tuely dead these days?  Just Checking."

Posted on: October 02, 2012 @ 11:34 AM
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I generally use my XS8, firewire / YSFW driver to Cubase 6 on Win 7 x64, but recently have developed a desire to connect my S90es audio digitally to Cubase 6.

I appreciate (or rather don’t much!) that Yam dropped support for mLan so it cannot be used with Win7 x64, but before abandoning the idea I just thought I’d double check that there are no cleaver workrounds and it is no longer possible without resorting to old machines, dual boot configurations etc.  I have other reasons why I need to be Win 7 x64.

In short ... I may as well pull out and bin my S90’s mLan card!
- would be fair summary?

If anyone else can confirm or post alternate ideas I would be grateful.

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