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Viewing topic "Ipad App Performance Editor"

Posted on: September 18, 2012 @ 11:26 PM
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It does not say in the manual, but with performance editor app i am trying to create a split for bass and piano.

I want to transpose the bass down an octave to give me more room for Piano.  I can do the cut offs, but don’t know how to transpose the blocked set down the piano.

I would like to make this a 3 part split so i can put a pad at the top.

Can anyone tell me how i can transpose within the block?

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Posted on: September 19, 2012 @ 12:02 AM
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Joined  07-30-2002
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First, the app “Performance Essentials” is not a complete GUI for the S90 XS/S70 XS.

The edit you want to do must be done with the front panel of the instrument itself, or with the full S90 XS/S70 XS EDITOR or EDITOR VST.

On the S90 XS there is no such thing as a 3-way split. We do know what you mean but for the sake of clarity, the S90 XS refers to a SPLIT, specifically, as having just one split point… With “Upper” and “Lower” PARTs, the Upper Parts are above the split point and the Lower Parts are below the split point.

If you define a Split Point (which is an actual XS parameter) then you cannot define your three regions.

To define regions across the keyboard, that is, in order to create either a three-way or four-way Performance, you need set the SPLIT SWITCH = OFF and you need to use the individual PART parameters: “NOTE LIMIT HIGH” and “NOTE LIMIT LOW”.

Press [EDIT]
Cursor to the SPLIT SWITCH and set it to OFF, if it is not already OFF

Press [EXIT] to return to the EDIT SELECT screen
Select a PART 1-4 to view PART Edit options
Cursor down to the NOTE LIMIT LO/HI parameters and set the region of the keyboard you need for this PART
You can select the next PART using the lit PART SELECT and set its NOTE LIMIT LO/HI parameters for each PART in turn.

Just want you to be able to refer to the actual S90 XS/S70 XS Reference Manual and not become confused.

Please realize that SPLIT on the XS refers to just a single divide point - Upper/Lower and if you activate the SPLIT SWITCH and define the SPLIT POINT parameter then a PART can be either below it, above it or assigned to both.

When the SPLIT SWITCH and Split Point are not used (Split Switch = OFF), you can then define the note regions with the parameters as I explained above.

Among the PART EDIT parameters on the PLAY MODE screen you will also find the PART’s “NOTE SHIFT” parameter which will allow you to set the pitch that occurs by semi-tones.

Press [STORE] to update your PERFORMANCE

Hope the helps.

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