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Viewing topic "HELP ! Fight on USB between Logic and MOX !"

Posted on: December 23, 2011 @ 03:48 PM
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Joined  11-09-2011
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Hi all,

I copy here a topic that I first put in the MOX forum section, but thanks to Bad-Mister, he suggested me to ask the question here. Did not notice the Logic section at first.

It is as follows:

- I installed the USB-driver ( Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V1.5.2 for Mac OS X 10.5.8/10.6.x/10.7.) and my MAC does recognize the MOX as a USB device, and so does Logic Express 9. Because I also want to use the MOX6 to create tracks with the ease of a big screen sequencer AND to have the MOX as a plugin on my screen.

Okay I open up a new project in Logic, the midi-tracks are automatically shown on the left-side of the Logic-screen, but somehow it sounds like Logic and MOX are ‘ scanning’ each other, before I even touch something in Logic OR on the MOX. I can not press any button on the MOX, like it’s frozen, so the only way to stop is to turn off MOX.

All by itself you see in Logic different notes played (in the transport bar, the midi-notes jump) in a very fast tempo, and you hear different voices of the MOX played to that notes, random voices and random notes.

What is the problem ? Hope anyone can help.

Oh btw, I did use the search-option with many related queries on this forum but could not find a helpful answer (despite all the willing people I see here on the forum helping each other, so I don’t mean it negative) . I saw a topic from a while ago by forum-member ‘ SuperHeroM’ who had I think the same problem, but besides ‘ use midi-cable’ there was no solution yet for the usb-issue.

,that’s why ask it in this way :-)



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Posted on: December 23, 2011 @ 06:50 PM
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Upon first glance, your problems are related to two things. The first issue: you want to use the MOX as a plugin. That is something that you absolutely cannot do with the MOX and Logic. Yamaha software (at the time of this writting), does not support ‘Audio Unit’ which Logic utilizes. Likewise, Logic -to date- does not support the Yamaha protocols VST, VSTi or VST3, etc… There is software called a VST to AU wrapper that will allow you to use VST in Logic- I cannot vouch for it’s performance. So, that part’s simple. If the plugin is so important to you, you will need to look elsewhere…

Second, if that doesn’t resolve your other issues in Logic, it’s has to be due to your ports being improperly utilized. Post a pic of Logic’s Library so that I can see what’s going on…

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Posted on: December 23, 2011 @ 09:37 PM
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Joined  11-09-2011
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Hi Motif8Mine,

thanks for your clear reply !

Oooh I was totally passing the fact about MOX as a plugin would not be working (VST) in Logic !

Yes indeed Logic works with AU. Sorry, in my enthousiasm about my just bought MOX I didn’t think of it.

Well, in a short way that would mean that I most likely will have to connect it with ‘ just midi’ the ‘ old’ way, then record the full song (seperate tracks) as audio to my DAW for further editing.

Of course I also want and will spend some time learning the workflow for recording songs with the sequencer on the MOX itself.

But yes, later on I will post a pic of the Logic library-screen concerning the USB-MOX.
Would be nice indeed to know how the USB-fight can be won to ease up the flow !
And maybe you could already see what it is, in this video-link at Youtube, because someone over there has the same problem (at least I experience the same), notes play themselves etc. :

Also I post a Logic-screen pic later on because at this moment I already disconnected the MOX and now I am working on Logic with my Roland Fantom X (no fanboy or bashing intended, I like Roland and Yamaha , and every brand has its highlights)


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