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Viewing topic "Load “Power Grand” to MO8? S700?"

Posted on: August 21, 2011 @ 07:28 PM
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Joined  08-21-2011
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Hey everyone, new to the forums. I’m sure this has probably been discussed somewhere (since it looks like there are a few threads on loading voices) however I haven’t really dug in too deep sinc I don’t own a MO8 yet. After a lot of reviewing and reading I find myself seeming to be really wanting the MO8 for my price point ($1000).  Here’s the thing I haven’t actually played one. Haven’t found one around me to try out. I do however play on a Motif ES8 at church which seems to be identical sound engine wise, at least from what I gather. basically less bells and whistes which I wouldn’t be using anyway. Anyway on to my real question…

I have been going to SamAsh and Guitar Center and find myself as always drawn back to the Yamaha workstations. I have been playing a lot on the MM8 which I actually really like, however for my $1000 price point I would rather own a used MO8 which has a lot more quality sounds in my opinion(based off of the sound engine) and a few more nice additions over the lower end MM8. The one thing I really do LOVE on the MM8 is the Power Grand sound. I love it even over the piano sounds on the higher end Motif XS. I was thinking that voice was in the MO8, but through reading the online manual of voices I didn’t see it, unless I just missed it. So that’s my question. I really don’t understand how to add voices or where to get them. Is there a place I can purchase the “power grand” sound or a “pack” of sounds that includes that sound? If so how do you do it and is it easy?  Also while I’m at it, it seems like it is holy grail, but is there a way to add the s700 piano sound from the s90es?

Once again I’m sure this has been answered in a general way, but without actually owning the MO8 and never doing any adding of voices to a keyboard I’m really clueless. I just know that having everything the MO8 has with that power grand sound I think I’m pretty much set.  Thanks for your help and time. I hope to join the MO8 owners community by the end of the week.


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Posted on: August 21, 2011 @ 11:14 PM
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Joined  05-06-2004
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Sorry, the MO8 has no way to load additional samples, which means it cannot have the PowerGrand or the S700 sounds. Piano sounds are strictly from the same samples as a *stock* Motif ES.

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Posted on: August 23, 2011 @ 03:01 AM
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Joined  07-30-2002
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Correct. The Motif-series is the product line that can add new Samples to its fundamental Library. For example, the Motif XF comes with or is able to load (from a free Library called “Inspiration In a Flash") all of the popular Motif and S-series pianos… including the “PowerGrand” from the original Motif, the “S700” from the S90 ES, among others. With the addition of FLASH MEMORY modules you can carry the whole decade of top Yamaha sampled pianos in the instrument.

The resident wave ROM of the in the MO-series (MO6/MO8) is not expandable. The MO6/MO8 has the same 1859 Waveforms found in the Motif ES. It is a “Motif ES-lite”.

The new MOX6/MOX8 has the same 2670 Waveforms found in the Motif XS. And is very much a “Motif XS-lite”

The resident wave ROM of the Motif-series is expandable. The XF has some 3977 Waveforms. The Motif XF can add 128 Waveforms to internal SDRAM and as many as 2048 Waveforms per FLASH board (there are two slots).

The Motif XF is top of the line. Motif XF-series feature expandable ROM sample library via FLASH Boards. And has a recording Integrated Sampling Sequencer. You are able to add VOICES that use new sampled waveforms. You can purchase sample libraries and/or you can create your own samples.

The S-series (S90 XS/S70 XS) are equivalent engines to the Motif-series XS, but does not have expandable ROM capabiity. Nor does it have sampling or sequence recording (the Integrated Sampling Sequencer). Any new VOICES must be made from the provided wave ROM.

The MO-X series (MO-X6/MO-X8) are the Motif-lite, featuring one half the polyphony of the top-of-the-line instruments, these feature a fixed wave ROM (equivalent to the Motif-XS). And while it has a recording PATTERN/SONG sequencer like the Motif-series it does not integrate a “sampler”.

Not trying to confuse you, but hoping to clarify what is what. If you wish to have an expandable synthesizer, (that is, one that can add new audio data via Sample libraries, you must get a Motif).

The Motif XF (with a FL board) can load all the pianos you mentioned at once! And that means you can take them all with you!!

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Posted on: August 28, 2011 @ 04:49 PM
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Joined  08-21-2011
status: Newcomer

Sorry for taking so long to respond. I just wanted to say thank you guys. Actually Bad_mister that wasn’t confusing at all and was actually extremely helpful info. It answered a few other questions as well. I’ve listened to the sound sample of the mo8 over on purgatory creek and the concert grand is actually a nice sound, so I think I will be happy with it. The reason I’m drawn away from the motif’s is #1out of my price range #2 way more bells and whistles than I’ll ever need and #3 the weight makes it a pain to lug around (I’ve been lugging around the motif8 from our church and it is a major pain). So I think I’m going to stick with the mo8 because it has all I need and in a lighter package. Ultimately I would love the mox8. Having all I would ever want and coming in at 32 lbs. is just amazing, but it’s once again out of my $800-$900 budget, so the mo8 it is. Anybody got one they want to sell? :). Been scouring
Craigslist, eBay, sweet water trading post, etc. for the right one to come along.

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Posted on: October 04, 2016 @ 06:08 PM
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Joined  03-24-2015
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Still looking for a MO8 5 years later? I believe I may be looking to sell mine. :)

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