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Viewing topic "I recorded and uploaded MIDI files from the Motif ES8 but lost the voices I had recorded"

Posted on: August 09, 2011 @ 08:46 PM
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Joined  08-01-2011
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I recorded pieces with different voices and it sounded nice on the keyboard, but then I converted them on SMF MIDI files on my computer and lost everything but the piano sound.  What happened to the pedal and the other voices i.e. strings, etc.  I got the second voice (track) but it was piano as well.

Also, I need help converting recordings in performance (all pattern) mode on the keyboard NOT computer.  Anyone know how?

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 @ 06:33 PM
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If you create a MIDI sequence on the Motif ES - to save it you need to back it up in a Motif ES proprietary file format (for example Motif ES ALL data file . W7A) - which includes all the Motif ES parameters you applied: including the ES VOICES you selected, the volumes, the panning, the effects you assigned, the send levels to each Effect from each Part, etc., etc.

When you save MIDI data in SMF format, you only save the data (the MIDI events) that you record to the track. That is, data that is input from the Motif ES keys and controllers (wheels, pedal, etc) while the RED record light is on. It does not include the Motif ES parameters we spoke of above. It only contains the MIDI data messages.

And while your computer is a killer device, it is not a Motif ES. So when you play the SMF (.MID) file on your computer, it only contains the MIDI data on the tracks - nothing about what sound to play (your computer does not have the right sounds anyway - it only has a general MIDI sound set that is no wheres near the quality of sounds in your ES).

MIDI messages make no sound, they are coded messages that represent sound. Much like the holes punched in the roll of paper that makes a player piano work. You have to play that roll in another Player Piano in order to have the messages turned back into music.

you would need to take the Motif ES sequence and play it in another Motif ES - for the messages to be correctly interpreted back into sound - particular if you want the sounds YOU used originally. On its best day your computer does not have these sounds.

If your goal was to record your Motif ES as audio, you need to add some kind of AUDIO INTERFACE to your computer so that you can connect the audio outputs of your ES to your computer.

Let us know what your ultimate goal was - but attempting to play something you created in the ES sequencer on your computer (without the ES - requires an audio interface and requires that you physically connect the audio outputs of your ES to that interface).

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