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Viewing topic "Setting it up .. A motif Es and a Mac.."

Posted on: May 22, 2011 @ 04:54 AM
Total Posts:  87
Joined  08-02-2006
status: Experienced

Hi All..!!

I know i’m asking a really dumb question, but i have no choice. I need to set up a recording platform that enables me make scratch arrangements. Here’s what I’m actually looking for :

1. Record my motif directly into my mac in a way that I can use motif instruments.

2. An acoustic drum machine for rock solid drum arrangements.

3. A virtual guitaring software for rhythm patterns.

I don’t have a sound card nor do I have studio monitors. I’ve been making arrangements all on my motif and then mixing them on my headphones and my Sony ID7000 speakers. The output, not that bad at all..

Thank you for your valuable time and your feedback. Cheers to one and all ..:)

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