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Viewing topic "Question about the Motif XF Waveform Editor"

Posted on: February 08, 2011 @ 01:28 PM
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Joined  02-17-2004
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I bought the John Melas waveform editor, so I go to import some keybanks which load all my wav files as separate keybanks. Now when I save the X3W file to usb and then import the file into the XF why do all the files play slow and out of tune? Is there way to set parameters to allow the samples to be loaded into the XF to play back the wav files at their normal pitch?

It seem when importing wav files in the XF it becomes a pitch guessing game trying to guess what the original pitch was on all the samples.

Or is this a Motif problem that won’t load a wav file at the correct pitch?

About the pitch issues in the XF...............

I never had a sampler that loads a wav sample at a bad pitch, and I hope the Motif XF isn’t the first one.

Is there a ‘root key’ in the XF to make adjustments on loaded wav samples?

There is a root key when creating wav samples, but no root key to make root key adjustments on loaded wav samples into memory. This is probably the reason the XF don’t load wav samples right, the way it supposed to until you use the pitch value instead.

it seems there should be a root key where the user presses the key, and the correct pitch can be set to adjust the pitch of the sample was sampled at, like on other samplers.

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Posted on: February 08, 2011 @ 04:06 PM
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kday - 08 February 2011 01:28 PM

why do all the files play slow and out of tune?

What’s the sample rate? Sounds like they are not 44.1KHz.

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Posted on: February 08, 2011 @ 09:13 PM
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Halvor - 08 February 2011 03:55 PM


I use the Melas Waveform editor and it works fine I can assure you:)

Mr. Melas is very helpful so send him an email!

Tip: Redmatica Autosampler is an excellent addition to the Waveform editor.

Great way to get your favorite DAW/Plug-in sounds into the XF!



Hey Thanks for the info, yeah the waveform editor is a great little program.

I found out what the problem is.

The user has to set the root key for the particular wav in each of the key banks the same as the lower key range of the wav file manually. If you leave the root key unchanged they all are set to C-3.

It would be great if it was automated for the root key of the key bank to follow the settings of lowest key range automatically when making the adjustment settings as a default, and then to just change it back manually if necessary. That could save a lot of time, from having to set the root keys of hundreds of samples manually if using separate key banks for each separate wav sample.

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Posted on: February 20, 2011 @ 01:23 PM
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Joined  02-17-2004
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Is there a way to name the individual “Keybanks” in the Waveform XF Files themselves in the Waveform Editor?

This would be a very convenient feature because when importing multiple keybanks to one waveform, we can’t tell which instrument is which in the keybank area, if you load 128 keybanks and make one small mistake hours worth of work is down the drain. When we load multiple keybanks it kinda leaves much confusion as to where those wave samples went inside the various keybanks when you can’t name any of them to tell which is which.

When I imported multiple keybanks into one waveform they all got mixed up, and that whole purpose of importing multiple keybanks becomes sorta delicate and potentially confusing without being able to tell which instrument is contained in the various keybanks you’re loading into.

I wonder if naming individual keybanks could be added into an update?

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