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Posted on: August 02, 2010 @ 11:17 AM
Total Posts:  449
Joined  07-10-2009
status: Enthusiast


Please...pretty addition to tap tempo, is there any way you can add grid step sequencing (RS7000) on the XS/XF using the 16 buttons. Many people have asked for this as its so much better to create a beat or bassline using this feature than any other form of sequencing. I even remember you mentioning that Yamaha was going to consider it.

For all that people moan and complain about, I am wondering why relatively few people talk about this: Motif already has 16 buttons on the implementing it software wise for the sequencer shouldn’t be so much of a problem right? DOING THIS WILL MAKE THE MOTIF ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD…this will make the Motif really and truly handy for full scale beat productions instead of having to use Cubase/Logic etc everytime.

Similar to the RS7000, adjust the sequencing resolution (16th, 32, or 64 grid), velocity, gate, pitch per note.

I am willing to pay for it in the XS!! :)

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