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Viewing topic "Logic Pro 8 + Motif ES 8= No Audio Recording of Motif Sounds---The Illogic of Logic"

Posted on: September 12, 2009 @ 10:31 PM
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Being used to using Sonar Producer on a PC with my Motif ES 8 via mLan/Firewire, I never had problems initially recording in MIDI and then creating an audio track once I completed editing my score.  Thence, I could burn CDs in wav format.

Last month I bought a new iMac (3.06 mhz, 4 gig of RAM) and Logic Studio 8 (unfortunately before I realized 9 would be immediately forthcoming).  I connected my Motif ES 8 via mLan to the iMac (which had an 800 Firewire port, such that an adapter was required to connect with mLan).  So I am able to utilize the Yamaha for a MIDI controller without difficulty.  I am able to use Logic Pro’s softsynth sounds to burn CDs.  But I cannot get Pro Logic to record the sounds from my Motif (e.g., Dynasty, or Cello duet). 

I have spend hours reading the 1000 page book on Pro Logic.  I spent an hour on the phone with a Pro Logic tech support idiot who assured me that a firewire could not transmit audio and had no clue what mLan was. 

For a computer (iMac) and program (Pro Logic) that are supposed to be so music friendly, I say “this is illogical”.  I would be most appreciative of any assistance to resolve this issue.

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Posted on: September 12, 2009 @ 11:45 PM
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Alrighty then, I guess at the risk of being called an idiot, I’ll dive in here…

This LOGIC PRO 8, MLAN TUTORIAL was created specifically for the XS8 and the AI Driver. That said, it will walk you through the essentials of how to record audio into Logic 8.

What is necessary is that you understand the following: I give specific instructions of the settings to make in the XS, you will need to find their ES equivalent. The pictures, etc… that refer to the AI Driver, Port Names, Number of Ports, Driver Names, etc… will all appear different if you are using another driver.

Also, the mLAN outputs may very well have different names in the mLAN16E Interface… Also, here is a similar post from someone a while ago. maybe it will help you also… MLAN16E, MOTIF ES, and LOGIC 8

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