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Viewing topic "Master Mode, MIDI Port Utility settings and the PLG Boards"

Posted on: June 27, 2009 @ 01:33 AM
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Im trying to create some complex live setups using master mode. I have a external MIDI setup which consists of a Moog LP keyboard and PK-5 pedals merged into the MIDI in of the ES with the out/thru of the ES merged back into the LP. Also I have PLG150-DX in Slot 1, and PLG150-AN in slot 2 & 3. My “problem” is that in Master Mode (MIX mode) when I play the external keyboard in (Ch.1) it triggers the Mix voice on track 1 and also the PLG150-DX voice. However, when I went to the corresponding MIX screen, I have the Vol for PLG track 1 all the way off and no sound is produced via the external MIDI keyboard in Song mode. Why does it sound in Master mode and not Song mode and how to I change the routing?

The one thing I tried was changing the utility settings to have my PLG boards on Port 2, which worked. However, then I could not trigger PLG voices from my external keyboards. There are times where I like to have an internal ES sound layered with a PLG sound. Is it possible to transmit on 2 different ports at the same time in Master Mode?

Perhaps a brief explanation on the basics of routing MIDI ports would help. I have reviewed the primer but any addenda that is PLG specific would be helpful. thanks

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Posted on: July 03, 2009 @ 05:58 PM
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Why does it sound in Master mode and not Song mode and how to I change the routing?

Because when you are in SONG mode the transmit channel is determined by the selected Track. When you are in Master mode the transmit channel is determined by the ZONE settings.

Is it possible to transmit on 2 different ports at the same time in Master Mode?

No, it is not. But this should not stop you from setting up what you need when you need it.

When you set the PLG150 boards to PORT 2, the sequencer of the Motif ES is able to transmit to those boards by setting the individual transmit PORT and CHANNEL
From SONG or PATTERN mode
Press [F3] TRACK
Here you can on a per Track basis set the MIDI channel and the PORT that each Track will transmit.

When you are in SONG or PATTERN mode, as I mentioned above, you are transmitting via the Track. The Track Select buttons [1]-[16] illuminate to indicate which Track is selected, you are transmitting according to that particular Track’s PORT and CHANNEL setting.

However, when you go to MASTER mode, it can be referencing a SONG or PATTERN. And as outlined in the article you can setup multiple layers… for example, when MASTER is lit, you are transmitting according to the ZONE parameters you have setup for that MASTER program… when that program is recalled it can also recall a particular MIXING setup. While MASTER is lit you are transmitting to the ZONE setting.

Now say you want to transmit to the PLG150-DX, simply press the SONG button. (you will exit MASTER mode) and now be transmitting according the Track Select buttons of that particular SONG.

Need to go back to transmitting externally? Press [MASTER] and immediately you are back to the ZONE transmit scenario.

You should be able to work out all situation you might require.

Hope that helps.

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