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Viewing topic "Need a Firewire Card for my PC"

Posted on: June 26, 2009 @ 02:11 PM
Total Posts:  93
Joined  02-21-2009
status: Experienced

I just received my mLAN16e card today and I thought I had a firewire port right there in the front of my box and assumed if there was one there, then chances are there would be one in the back as well. Turns out it’s just a dummy plug that is cut out to hold a firewire port. This means I need to order one or buy a iEEE1394 PCI card for my PC after all. Any recommendations for ones (brands and models) that are known to work for mLAN? I found a iEEE compatibility list over at but it was last updated back in 2003. Just trying not to waste any more time here. Thanks in advance.

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