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Viewing topic "MO8-USB-Digital Performer hookup"

Posted on: June 15, 2009 @ 01:04 PM
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I am attempting to hook up my MO8 via USB to Digital Performer. In the past, I have always done this via MIDI but I am having problems with the unit receiving bank/program changes, so am attempting to go USB. Maybe I’m just set up completely wrong. My system is as follows:

Mac G4 Powerbook OS 10.4.11 (I was on tour with this machine- I know it needs upgrading!)
MOTU 828mk ll
Digital Performer 6.02
G-Tech 250GB hard-drive housing Ivory (piano) and East-West Silver edition orchestral samples
Yamaha MO8

In the good old days, I was simply hooking up to a bunch of external sound modules. Now, with a combination of plug-in sampling and my desire to use the MO8 as a multi-timbral external sound-module as well as my controller, I’m getting baffled by the technology.

When using DP’s AutoConfiguration Setup, I had 16 ports of ‘Microwave’, and 16 ports of MU80 appear in my MIDI monitor under MO8 port-1. I have no idea what these are. I have no other equipment connected to this system apart from what is listed here.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.



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Posted on: June 16, 2009 @ 02:11 PM
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Here’s is what you need to know about the MO8 hookup:
You need the Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver for MAC OSX

You need to set the MO8 up to use MIDI IN/OUT = USB
Press [F5] MIDI
Press [SF4] OTHER
Press [SF4] REMOTE
Set the MODE A = Digital Performer = PORT 4
Leave MODE B = OFF = PORT 3
Press [STORE]

You have now selected the MO to communicate MIDI with your computer via USB. You have set PORT 4 to be the REMOTE CONTROL SURFACE PORT. So somewhere in DP you will need to setup the discreet Port on which the program will receive Control Surface information - make sure that is set to PORT 4 (Yamaha USB-MIDI)

As far as DP’s “Auto Configuration” - apparently it sees your microwave oven and an old Yamaha MU80 connected to your system… Don’t sit too close to that microwave :) lol!

you may want to contact MOTU about what the Auto Configuration function is up to… or if you lucky some one here my be a Digital Performer user and can shed some light on that… they are probably just placeholder devices…

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Posted on: June 19, 2009 @ 03:55 PM
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Thank you so much, Bad Mister.

I tried all you said but still without a whole lot of success. I contacted a friend of mine who happens to have a similar setup...he is experiencing the same problems with DP’s autoconfig, and the general connection via USB to MO8.

I’ll try a MOTU forum to see if I can get help there.

Thanks again!


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