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Viewing topic "Samples cutting off?"

Posted on: June 14, 2009 @ 10:42 PM
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Hi chaps!

Please HELP! I have loaded a couple simple samples into the motif es, using the smart card, however I NEED the samples to continue to play until the end, instead of cutting off when I let go of the key… please can somebody tell me HOW i get to the menu where I can change this!?....I have been through all the EDIT modes, and then pressed the drumkit button to go into the OTHER edit mode, but I just cannot find how I do this!

Thanks guys!

Also is there any way to make EVERY hit the same volume? in other words I want it to be the same loudness no matter how hard I hit the key?

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Posted on: June 15, 2009 @ 02:16 AM
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Turn the release all the way up on the track that holds the sample.

So from pattern mode press the mixing button… then the effect/F3 button… then press the track number that holds the sample… then press the tone/F4 button.. there you will see release turn it all the way up to 63.

Now you can press and release a key and the complete sample will play.

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Posted on: June 15, 2009 @ 08:56 AM
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If you assign the sample to a Drum voice instead of a normal voice then it should play all the way to the end from a single keypress at the start with no need to hold the key down or set long sustain envelopes. You can then have a drum voice that contains your samples mapped to specific keys, so you don’t even have to change voice to trigger them once you have selected your user drumkit.

This is done by editing a drumkit and changing the OSC (oscillator) setting for a single key to have a USR WAV type. In Drum Edit mode (described on P202 of the manual) you should see how to do this. You may want to set ‘AssignMode’ to ‘Single’ as well to prevent double-triggering of individual sample, unless you need them to be polyphonic sounds.

To fix the velocity you should set the Velocity Sensitivity associated with the Amplitude Envelope to 0 as described on P204.

Determines the velocity sensitivity of the Amplitude Envelope Generator’s output level. Positive settings will cause the output level to rise the harder you play the keyboard and, conversely, negative values will cause it to fall.


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Posted on: June 15, 2009 @ 10:25 AM
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Hi guys, I tried but failed I just dont know why it has to be so hard, I tried what you said, I converted to drum voice, the type was already set to USR WAV, but still it cuts off.....I have tried all different menu’s looking for something that resembles an option to change how long the sample plays for but nope nothing....I have no idea why a keyboard has to be so unfriendly.....I have sampletank on my pc, and I can do ANYTHING I want on it. within a few secons, in fact if I wanna make the sample play until the end I just change the release time to 100, its SOO simple....

If somebody can give me a step by step i would be very grateful

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Posted on: June 15, 2009 @ 11:51 AM
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I have a Motif ES and I can do most anything I need in just a few seconds. LOL. The point here is, once you know “how” it is easy. Just like riding a 2-wheel bicycle, very difficult the first time you do it, and easy from then on.

Just a few points (since you are concerned about why it has to be so difficult)… The Motif ES is a keyboard, so quite naturally when you import or create a sample, it defaults to what is considered a keyboard type envelope… that is, it plays as long as you have the key down and stops when you let go. Like a keyboard sound. Make sense that this is the default? I think so.

If you would like to import a sample that is an audio clip… a sound that plays it’s complete duration without you having to hold a key down, then you must do one of two things:

1) use it in a DRUM KIT… as you realize (or not) Drum envelopes are different from keyboard envelopes… because drums cannot HOLD notes. If you tell a drum to hit and hold the bass note for a whole note, they can’t. The full envelope of the sound plays when they strike a key.  So as pointed out in a post above, the DRUM KIT Voice is the perfect place to place a sample that you want to play completely without holding down the key. The Drum AEG (Amplitude Envelope Generator) can be set to HOLD the sound forever, if necessary.

2) place the sample on a Track of the sequencer and have a note-on event HOLD the note (in place of you holding the note with your finger). This can be set to hold the sound for a specific duration. Say the audio clip you have is 16 bars (@ 4/4 time) you can have that duration (called GATE) set in the sequencer Event List. for 16x4 = 64 Beats

The RELEASE Time setting in a Drum kit when set to maximum for DECAY 2 TIME will hold the note forever ("HOLD").  Because as mentioned, Drum Kit notes have a parameter called RECEIVE NOTE OFF, which when set to OFF continue to play the sound until otherwise instructed by the envelope. If the envelope is set to HOLD they play, literally forever…

You can stop a held note by placing it in what is called an ALTERNATE GROUP… Alternate Groups (there are 127 of them) allow only one sound from the group to play at a time. This is how the Closed and Pedal Hihat sounds stop the Open Hihat sound, this is how the Mute Triangle sound stops the Open Triangle sound, etc.

So if you have multiple audio clips that you want to use, place them in a Drum Kit (there are 73 keys in a drum kit), assign them to the same Alternate Group, and you can switch between audio clips by simply playing another note. Additionally, you may want to assigna a “silent” key that will stop all audio clips… this is easy just assign a note to the Alternate Group that does not contain a sound.

Hope that helps.

The Motif ES may seem difficult at first, but this is something that I can do in a matter of seconds, because I know about it. If you could know everything about the ES in a matter of seconds, it wouldn’t be as powerful as it is… But once you know how to do a task, you’ll be amazed at how fast you can execute these things.

See this post from the ancient archieves for details: Holding a note: Look Ma, no hands!

Fixing the Velocity of a sound
Again, because the majority of folks who buy the ES are piano players, sounds default to responding to Velocity… which determines how Loud a sound will be by how fast a key is struck.

This is, of course, programmable. But again, the default has keyboard players in mind (make sense?). Velocity Sensitivity can be set on a per Element/VOICE basis if the Voice is normal and on a per KEY basis if the sample is in a Drum Kit.

Normal VOICE:
Press [EDIT]
Press Track Select [1]-[4] to view ELEMENT parameters
Press [F4] AMP (Amplitude)
Press [SF2] VEL SENS (Velocity Sensitivity)
Set the VEL SENS LEVEL parameter = +0
A setting of +32 is a linear response
Rinse and repeat for each active Element
The Element will play at the (fixed) LEVEL set at [SF1] LVL/PAN

Press [EDIT]
Press Track Select [1] to view KEY parameters
Touch the KEY on the keyboard you wish to edit
Press [F4] AMP (Amplitude)
Press [SF2] VEL SENS (Velocity Sensitivity)
Set the LEVEL parameter = +0
A setting of +32 is a linear response
Rinse and repeat for each KEY you desire
The sound will play at the (fixed) LEVEL set at [SF1] LVL/PAN

In both instances, you must press [STORE] to write your changes to the VOICE.

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