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Viewing topic "Pattern Chain recording"

Posted on: June 06, 2009 @ 11:01 AM
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Motif ES.

I have a pattern to chain.  It’s in 3/4.  The record set up is in 3/4, the pattern is in 3/4, all “sections” are in 3/4.  Everything looks right.  But when I record the chain, it records it in 4/4 which creates obvious problems. 

I’ve looked in the Pattern Chain edit and it says 4/4.  Ok, so I copied event to read 3/4 and it’s done. 

Tried recording pattern chain....still records in 4/4 :*(

WHAT am I missing?!


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Posted on: June 06, 2009 @ 11:03 AM
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BTW, I thought I was posting in ES not apologies.

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Posted on: June 06, 2009 @ 12:48 PM
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From a previous post in the Archives:

First, of course, make sure all your PATTERN SECTIONS that are going to be 3/4 are actually recorded in 3/4 (I’m sure this is the case… but it must be stated: You cannot change the time signature of an already recorded phrase). So all Sections must be set to 3/4 prior to entering record.

Second, when going to construct your CHAIN, you want change the appropriate number of measures to 3/4 prior to placing data into them… Here’s how

Press [F6] CHAIN
Press [EDIT]
Press [F1] CHANGE
Change the first measure (001) so that it is = 3/4 time
Next copy this first 3/4 measure, as necessary, to create the number of 3/4 measures you require.
Press [F2] COPY
Set the dialog box so that

Measure 001 - 001
to Measure 002 ____________ number of times xx

where ‘xx’ equals the number of measures for your 3/4 timing (if it is the entire song then set this to the number of measures for the entire song). If you have multiple time signatures simply realize that the default time signature is (always) 4/4 for all measures but you can create time signature changes by changing the appropriate measure prior to recording.

Now you can record you SECTION changes either in realtime Record or by placing the Section letter in the appropriate column in EDIT. Use the [>>] Fast Forward button to advance through measures and use the SECTION buttons to input the letter.

When converting the CHAIN to SONG:
When you are working in anytime signature other than 4/4 you should go to the target SONG prior to the conversion and set the time signature.

For example, if you have a composition in 3/4 time and you are working in PATTERN 01 and are going to convert it to SONG 01… go to SONG 01, set the time signature to 3/4
Return to your PATTERN CHAIN > EDIT > [F3] SONG
Convert your 3/4 Chain into a 3/4 SONG and the time signature will not revert to 4/4

Let us know.

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