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Viewing topic "Anyone else had any experience with this??"

Posted on: June 05, 2009 @ 11:30 AM
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It appears I’m getting a lot of MIDI “stickiness”, with notes freezing up and playing continuously until I have to reset the midi output.

I work on Cubase, using my Motif ES8 as a midi controller for its own sounds with Local Control Off.

When I play, sometimes the MIDI notes get stuck and the sounds have to be changed before the note stops ringing out. Recently, this has been happening a LOT.

Now, my first thought was that maybe I had screwed up the action by playing on the keyboard too hard. Anybody know about this?

But when I put Local Control back on again, and don’t play through the PC, I don’t get any stick. So is it Cubase or Midi Cables or my Midi Interface, maybe? Could it still be the Motif?

I’d really appreciate any answers on this.



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Posted on: June 05, 2009 @ 02:59 PM
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It could be the Preferences you have set for Cubase. There are many reasons why notes can get stuck when routing MIDI through a system. It really depends on your system and what are you doing.

Try this and see if it helps. Many projects begin at measure 001 and depending on what data you have at the very start of the first measure your computer may hesitate ever so slightly on start up. This could be due to your interface, your gear, what’s connected, your configuration, who knows… it varies by computer operating system and hardware (If you really want to troubleshoot it you should call an Application Specialist at Steinberg) but I have found that for many the cure is simply to highlight all your track data and simply drag it measure 002

This seems to be a cure for many computers… it is not a very technical solution - because the cause could be many different things - but I’ve found through experience with many, many (too many) different computers some close to minimum spec and others beyond recommended… that this simple cure works. (Its as if the computer has too many things to do at the top of measure 001 to handle them all cleanly - and by letting measure 001 role free of music data all goes well from then on).

Make sure you do not have some kind of Event Chase option setup, this is known to cause hesitations that might hang notes.

Let us know.

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Posted on: June 06, 2009 @ 12:19 PM
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Joined  06-05-2009
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Thanks. I’ll give it a try, though usually I don’t even need to be recording/playing back for the notes to stick. Just going through cubase is enough.

What’s an Event Chase setting?

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Posted on: June 08, 2009 @ 10:41 AM
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RightclickScissors818 - 05 June 2009 11:30 AM

I work on Cubase, using my Motif ES8 as a midi controller for its own sounds with Local Control Off.

You didn’t specify when it happens. I mean, did you use some already prepared MIDI file, or just play Motif and record in Cubase? I have found similar problem when I have played MIDI file in Cubase taken from someone else and than record it to Motif. When I played from Motif sequencer, almost the same happens, since measure in MIDI file are longer than MIDI file duration. Cubase didn’t “see” this as problem (probably have a software resolving), but Motif did and stops playing such a tracks after few bars. Also, you should check Windows timestamp option in Device/Setup/Windows MIDI. This resolves some delays between Motif and Cubase, esp. when you are recording notes directly from keyboard.


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