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Viewing topic "s90es s700 piano samples"

Posted on: June 01, 2009 @ 08:43 PM
Total Posts:  33
Joined  05-21-2009
status: Regular

Hi All,

I started to learn how to adjust piano sound more precisely and found that there are many samples of S700. I understand meaning of some part of them assuming that pp is pianissimo, mf is mezzo forte, and ff - fortissimo also they have St - stereo, Mn - mono, L - left, R- right, but I don’t know meaning +, - and Sw, in some samples names.

Can anybody help to interpret them. Since s90es have only 4 elements for one voice I have the idea to create perfomance including several piano parts with 4 elements each to be able to use as much S700 samples as possible (16) to have really complex piano voice.

Could you please see list of samples below and help me to understand all of them (how they where sampled).

1860 Ap S700ppSt - pianissimo stereo
1861 Ap S700ppL - pianissimo Left. I think to use L and R (not St to preper Pan and adjust stereo width as I need in the mix)

1862 Ap S700ppR pianissimo Right
1863 Ap S700ppMn pianissimo Mono
1864 Ap S700ppSt+ pianissimo Seteo but what is +
1865 Ap S700ppL+ pianissimo Left, +???
1866 Ap S700ppR+ pianissimo Right +???
1867 Ap S700ppMn+ pianissimo Mono, +???
1868 Ap S700ppSt- pianissimo Stereo, -???
1869 Ap S700ppL- pianissimo Left, -???
1870 Ap S700ppR- pianissimo Right -???
1871 Ap S700ppMn- pianissimo Mono, -???
1896 Ap S700SwSt1 what is Sw???
1897 Ap S700SwSt2 what is Sw???

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