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Viewing topic "Looking for feedback on stands"

Posted on: May 31, 2009 @ 12:32 AM
Total Posts:  103
Joined  12-29-2006
status: Pro

I’m using an MO8 and I also have an old 73 key midi controller (Unique DBM), that I use to access some MO8 voices, mainly organ and synth type voices. I find I like playing with one hand on each sometimes in addition to using the MO8 performance splits.

My problem is because my controller is old, it is also about 40 pounds (but well-built with lots of features I like), so even though I have a heavy duty On-Stage triple stand, it starts to wobble (I use the 3rd tier for a laptop and to hold papers). It does not wobble with just the MO8 on it. So, my question is anyone have opinions on best stand for this kind of set up? I was looking at a Z stand and also a tabletop type stand, but my concern is because both my keyboards are relatively deep, and I need to get to the MO8’s controls and see the display, I wonder whether these other stands would block access or view. It doesn’t seem like you can move keyboards front to back on them.

I also want to use a MFC10 and some other pedals so don’t want a stand that interferes with that either.

All feedback on stands is appreciated. Also, I have started to play out so portability is also an issue.

Thanks, Norman

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