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Viewing topic "Newbie question. Which DAW? Sonar Home Studio 6xl or Cubase Essentials 4?"

Posted on: April 17, 2009 @ 07:30 AM
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Joined  04-17-2009
status: Newcomer

Hi, I’m new here but I’m hoping I can hang around a bit to help and be helped :)

I’ve just bought a MO8 after briefly owning an MM6 and I’m building a home studio for myself. I bought Cakewalk Home Studio 6XL cheap and have not begun to use it yet as I have just bought the soundcard, an Audiophile 2496 and haven’t installed it yet. I got Cubase AI4 with my MO8 and am wondering what people think. I’ve noticed since Yamaha owns Steinberg now that there seems to be a lot more compatibility going on.

I have thought about selling Cakewalk and using part of the money towards upgrading the AI4 to Cubase Essentials 4. I’m afraid this might be a step down though.

What do the users here think? Does Sonar work well with the MOs? Or would I better off using Cubase considering my newbness?

Thanks :)

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Posted on: April 17, 2009 @ 10:28 AM
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Joined  06-16-2006
status: Guru

There’s something to be said for all the major sequencer packages, most have more features than you’ll ever use or need.

So it’s sort of a ford/chevy deal.

It is educational learning different sequencers and all but you need to find one and really learn to use it.

And the learning process never stops, always looking for a way to do things better/quicker.

I’m a cubase user so I would suggest selling sonar and save your money.

Learn to use what you have, lot you can do with AI.

Good way to learn.

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Posted on: April 17, 2009 @ 02:28 PM
Total Posts:  168
Joined  07-09-2008
status: Pro

my approach has been to use the free version of Cubase I have until I start to outgrow it, and I’m not there yet

since you are proclaiming yourself a newbie, I would recommend a similar course… because you could spend money up front on things, but then when you really learn what you’re doing, you might wish you had bought something different, and now that money is already spent and gone… could have saved it for a more educated upgrade

if it were me, I would return what you bought if you can…

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Posted on: April 17, 2009 @ 06:42 PM
Total Posts:  4
Joined  04-17-2009
status: Newcomer

Cool, that’s good advice. Thanks :)

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