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Viewing topic "MOTIF 7 Classic sequences - play in MOTIF XS?"

Posted on: March 30, 2009 @ 01:44 PM
Total Posts:  55
Joined  06-22-2003
status: Experienced

i think my MOTIF 7 Classic has died.....

I’ve been looking for an upgrade anyway…

if i get a MOTIF XS 7 or 8, will my sequences (SONGS) load the same?

or will everything be different voices, etc....sequence/midi data will be there but i may have to reassign voices to each track?

I heavily rely on the sequencer in the MOTIF 7 that I have now…

will i have to re-sequence everything I’ve done if my MOTIF 7 is dead?

anyone got a used MOTIF 7?  :-)

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