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Viewing topic "Behind The Manual, Where Is It?"

Posted on: March 28, 2009 @ 03:06 PM
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Joined  03-23-2009
status: Regular

In the GO MO video they reference Behind The Manual, supposed to be on this site, but it’s not here anymore. File Not Found, it says.

The User Manual that comes with the MO is not very good, IMO. I need to have a step by step guide, and you don’t reallt get that , they show you a picture of what you’re supposed to do, but doesn’t say how to do it.
I think we need a manual that was written by people that have English as their native tongue instead of Computerese or whatever it is.

What happened to Behind the Manual????

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Posted on: March 28, 2009 @ 03:38 PM
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Joined  07-26-2002
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With the new Motifator site, the support files for the MO are now available from the “Support” tab at the top of all pages on this site.


Brad Weber

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Posted on: March 28, 2009 @ 04:15 PM
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Joined  03-23-2009
status: Regular

Thanks, Brad Weber! I saw that but didn’t notice there was more than one page...oops

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Posted on: March 31, 2009 @ 07:10 AM
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Joined  03-09-2009
status: Newcomer

Indeed, I haven’t been able to find the “Behind the Manual” even in the Support section. Did you find it, ZCat?

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Posted on: March 31, 2009 @ 10:33 AM
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Joined  07-09-2008
status: Pro

I think I’ve looked at everything that is available under the support section for the MO6/8 and I don’t see some of the things that used to be available as part of Behind the Manual series either… like how to copy performances, voice effects, or voice arpeggios to patterns

some of the “articles” there are pretty worthless too

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Posted on: April 02, 2009 @ 01:41 PM
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Joined  03-23-2009
status: Regular

No, I didn’t find anything that was labeled “Behind the Manual”.

I just started playing keys about 4 months ago, there is quite a learning curve involved. Not just the actual act of playing, but just trying to figure out how to work the MO’s many features.
That, and trying to learn how to record midi into my new EMU 1616m soundcard, learn how to work Sonar, my head is about to explode.

I’m finding a lot of it is just going to have to be trial and error, all these manuals leave a lot to be desired. I guess they assume everybody has a working knowledge of all this stuff, I certainly don’t.

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Posted on: April 02, 2009 @ 02:50 PM
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Joined  07-30-2002
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The “Behind the Manual” section has been replaced by the “SUPPORT” area - the link is just below the MOTIFATOR mast head.

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