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Viewing topic "Saving a Midi File ON Motif ES6/ Editing the Instruments /THEN SAving the FILE ON A USB THUMB DRIVE"

Posted on: March 25, 2009 @ 04:47 PM
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Joined  12-18-2007
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Hi nbadesign and Dave

Thanks for your imput but I am still not able to play my saved mix settings from my USB they are not saved?

I have a midi File titled Tom Sawyer midi file
I loaded the Midi file from my USB unto the Motif ES6.
I accessed the mix settings for the Tom Sawyer.mid.
I silence move the guitar volume levels to “0”.
I then store the Tom Sawyer.mid file in the internal ROM of the MOtif. 
I then save Tom Saywer.mid file as Tom Sawyer2.mid on my USB thumb drive
I turn off Motif ES6 off.
I then turn on Motif ES6 go into utilites thumb drive
File Tom Sawyer2. Mid. Is loaded unto Motif ES6
guitar Levels are at 0
I Push Play and guitar volume levels go up again?  What am I doing wrong?
Why are the guitar levels coming on I silence the guitar volume levels to 0? 


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Posted on: March 27, 2009 @ 06:00 AM
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Joined  08-20-2007
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I have sent you reply to your private message. It is better to send your questions through forum posts, since in that case others could read it also. There is always possibility that someone has a question or answer for other’s problem. So, I will repeat my answer to you that I wrote in private message:

At first I would like to say how I’m doing with songs:
1. In empty ES sequencer (there are no loaded other songs) load MIDI file to location no. 1.
2. Go to Job and set song name (if you wish to change it)
3. Go to Mixing Job and Initialize your mix with GM (General MIDI) option checked.
4. Press Store to store your Mix to current song. CAUTION: Song and its mix data are stored to internal RAM not ROM, so that’s the reason why you have lost your data!
5. If you want to play along MIDI, Mute track that you don’t want to be heared. Or, if you don’t need MIDI data on that track (in your case guitar track), than press Song - Job - [F5] Track - 04:Clear Track and confirm with Yes/Enter.
6. Store mix again, before you go to Save - AllSong. With the last command you will save your song in Motif file with all mix data preserved.
7. Next time when you wanna play your song, just plug your USB stick, go to File - Load - Song. You could also load your song with AllSong option, but if you have some already loaded songs in sequencer they will be deleted and only one song will be loaded.
Hope I help you and wish you good playing!


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Posted on: May 18, 2009 @ 09:26 PM
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Joined  12-08-2006
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I would look into the midi file using the Edit function. Select your Guitar edit . press F2 “view flt (filter) I then DEselect note,pitch bend,Channel Aftertouch,Poly After touch,RPN,NRPN, Once these are De selected press F1 again. This then gives me a good view of what is happening in the track with out all the notes going by, If you don’t see anything there press the other tracks. if it is a purchased midi file all the info could be in track 1 or 16. Once you find your volume ,which would be “007” under the CTRL heading at the top of the screen. You can then cursor to the “007” and press F6 to delete the command. There may be several volume changes through out so if you press the white double arrow transport button under “seq transport” you can step through the measures. once these are deleted or zeroed down you can save your tune. This can also be done to change “PC” program changes. remember that store bought MID. files usually, not always but usually utilize the general midi bank of sounds. I search for a good Motif sound for almost all sounds in a store bought .MID song.
I hope this info is useful…

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