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Viewing topic "Combining 2 Songs Into 1"

Posted on: March 07, 2009 @ 07:57 PM
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I have completed two separate songs on the MO6 by first using Pattern Mode, then converting the pattern chains into songs. I want to combine these two songs into a medley, and record them on to a DAW (and then add guitar and vocal tracks).

The patterns and songs for both have several tempo changes recorded to their tempo tracks, and in order to keep the MO6 and the DAW synced while recording each MO6 track on to the DAW one track at a time I need to record the midi tempo track from the MO6 on to the DAW, then set the DAW as “clock master” and set the MO6 sequencer to “midi”.

The problem is that the DAW must record the tempo track as one long song (not two separate songs). I tried the MO’s Song Chain feature, but the split second between the end on Song #1 and the start of Song #2 stops the DAW from recording the MO’s tempo track. It looks like the only way to accomplish this is to combine two separate songs on the MO into one long song.

Two questions:

1) How do I do this? The “copy song” function doesn’t give a time or measure location for the copy (just a song number). So if I were to copy Song #2 into Song #1 (where a song already exists) is it copied before or after the existing song...or does the copy process delete the existing song?

2) Each separate song has it’s own set of voices in different track locations. Assuming that the copy song function works, and I can get two separate songs combined into one, how can I keep the unique mixer settings (specifically the voices) of each song intact when they are combined into one song?

I guess as a follow up, would what I’m trying to accomplish be more effectively done in Pattern Mode (combining two patters into one)? My concern here is that since both patterns are fairly intricate, I would have to do a lot of section appending to get both patterns to fit into a single pattern 16 sections. Plus, when I tried this approach last night, I couldn’t complete the process without running into a “phrase overflow” problem...and I can’t really delete any of the user phases that I created for these songs.

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Posted on: March 08, 2009 @ 11:44 AM
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Some ideas…

Why can’t the mo be master and the daw slave? Would that help anything?
If it could keep recording you could delete the gap between the songs in the DAW.

Get both songs on to the computer.

Open one song and copy it and paste it at the end of the other song.

Might be a problem with tempo changes, worth a try. If you have an option to copy with tempo.

I’ve had problems with midi when a guy sent me a drum track that he recorded with electronic drums. He imported the audio track I sent him to play to. But I didn’t know what his tempo was set to, it wasn’t the same as my project tempo. So in audio his track played right but when I put his midi in it wouldn’t line up with the bars like it should, it was a mess. So pasting midi from different tempos can be problematic.

Turn everything into audio. With each song having all audio tracks they can be pasted together without any problems. This solves your voices problem as well.

Build your song in the daw to start with…

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Posted on: March 09, 2009 @ 12:58 AM
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Thanks for the advice. When I couldn’t make it work within the MO I decided to try exactly what you suggested. I got both songs recorded into the DAW, then as audio tracks I did the cut and paste thing. The only problem i that the DAW didn’t cut and paste the tempo track with the audio. I’ve got the tempo changes on the audio tracks from the MO, but the time/measure counter on the daw is big deal.

Thanks, again!

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