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Viewing topic "Motif es with vl plg board and sequencer"

Posted on: March 05, 2009 @ 09:27 AM
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I’m using a Motif ES with the VL plg board installed. When I’m in song mode, an instrument sound from the vl board plays on all 16 tracks. This also happens when I use the Motif in Sonar. Is there a way to stop this from happening?


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Posted on: March 05, 2009 @ 07:58 PM
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How is that possible? (I love a mystery)....

When you are in SONG mode, the Motif ES PARTS each are assigned a MIDI channel (a single MIDI channel). There is no such thing as OMNI mode for PARTS when you are in SONG mode.

There might be a way to transmit from SONAR on all MIDI channels… I’m not an expert on SONAR. I cannot imagine of what use that would be, however.

We are going to assume when you are working with SONAR (or any external device) that you are working with LOCAL CONTROL OFF.
Local Control is the function that re-routes your key presses from going directly from the Motif ES keybed to the Motif ES tone engine. Instead of this “local” triggering, the key press information is routed to the MIDI OUTPUT, first, this allows you to re-route the signal in your DAW software (SONAR), via the ECHO Back function. Say you have a MIDI track set to receive MIDI from the Motif ES (local control OFF)… when it arrives you determine on what MIDI PORT and what MIDI CHANNEL it is ECHO’d back on… If you route it to the Motif ES you can select a specific channel 1-16. If you are using a multi-PORT MIDI connection (like USB or mLAN) you can choice what Port. Each PORT can have as many as 16 MIDI channels.

The Motif ES is normally 16 PART multi-timbral… There are 16 internal PARTS - typcially, each is assigned to a MIDI channel 1-16. If you add PLG150 series boards to your ES, they can either share or replace one of the 16 internal PARTS.

If, however, you are using the Motif ES as a MIDI interface (via USB connection or via the mLAN16E/Firewire connection) you can place your PLG150-Series boards on a separate PORT. This allows you to address them discreetly. The internal PARTS will be addressed on PORT 1, MIDI channels 1 through 16. While you can place your 3 PLG150 boards on PORT 2… where they will occupy MIDI Channel 1 (Slot 1) , MIDI Channel 2 (Slot 2) and MIDI Channel 3 (Slot 3).

When you use the USB or mLAN connection your Motif ES can add multi-timbral PARTS. If you have 3 PLG150-series boards you can be 19 PART multi-timbral.

You can select the PORT for your PLG 150 series boards as follows:
Press [F6] PLUG
Press [SF2] MIDI
Here if you set them to PORT 2, you can address them via SONAR when you assign a track to PORT 2 and you assign the output to MIDI channel 1 - 3 for Slots 1 - 3.

By placing your PLG150 boards on PORT 2, only when you route a track on PORT 2, and on the specific MIDI channel for that PART, will you hear the VL board.

Internal ES tracks can be route by going to the main SONG or PATTERN screen:
Press [F3] TRACK
Here you can see the 16 TRACKS of the Motif ES sequencer. If your VL board is in SLOT 1, and you have set the PORT for your PLUG-IN Boards to 2… then only when a track is set to PORT = 2 and Channel = 1 will you hear the PLG150-VL

Hope that helps. Let us know.

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