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Viewing topic "Making MIDI files from the ES*"

Posted on: February 27, 2009 @ 07:07 PM
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Can anyone tell me how to make a MIDI file of a track from a song in my ES8? I can then save it to a memory stick - and then transfer it to my computer -right?

Yeah, I’m not very tech savvy.

Thanks for any help.

Best, John

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Posted on: February 27, 2009 @ 08:01 PM
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It’s just like saving a song, except instead of selecting ALL SONG as the type to save, select SMF (standard midi file). Give it a name and a location, and there it is. If you just want to save one track out of several in a song, I think you’ll have to delete (clear) the others first or copy the track you want into a blank song. Saving as an SMF saves all of the tracks in the midi file.

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Posted on: February 27, 2009 @ 08:06 PM
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While you can transfer MIDI from your Motif ES to a computer by saving a standard MIDI file and then loading it into the computer, if you want the Motif ES sound, you will need to record the audio output of the Motif ES and then transfer that to your computer. To do this you can either connect the audio outputs of the ES to your computer’s sound card input and record it, or use the ES’s resampling capabilities to record the audio out, save that as an *.wav or *.aif file and then load that into your computer.

(The following is compiled from a variety of posts by Bad_Mister and others regarding resampling.)

Converting a Motif ES Song to Wave file:

* In order to convert a song to a wav file you have to resample it - then convert just that wave to a .wav file. This requires that you have expanded your Motif ES with DIMMs and that you have a way to shuttle the data to your computer (SmartMedia Reader/Writer or USB mass storage device).

* First thing – STORE your MIX setup and SAVE the Song to SmartMedia (or USB mass storage device) before resampling it so you have a backup. You would create a mix to balance the instruments the way you like them.

* Select a target track, then press the [INTEGRATED SAMPLING] button.

Setup the parameters for resampling:

*Press [F1] DEST

* Select a TRACK and [KEYBANK] (note) into which you will record the resampled data. You can target either an empty track or the track on which you are going to play (if you are going to play along). If all tracks are full, don’t worry, you can still resample anyway.

* Press [F2] SOURCE. Set the source parameters as follows:
- Type = Sample - with this type the Integrated Sampling Sequencer will not create any NOTE-ON data in your sequencer, it will just simply add a new sample waveform to the waveform list
- Source = Resample
- Mono/Stereo = Stereo
- Next = OFF
- Frequency = 44.1k

* Press [F6] REC This will place the sampling sequencer in Standby mode. Set the TrggrMode paramter to Manual

* Press Start on the sequencer and check your levels. If too low set the REC GAIN higher +6bB or +12dB, if the level is to high (clipping- you will see a lightning bolt) lower the GAIN to -6dB or -12dB. When you have checked the levels, press STOP and return to the top of the SONG.

* Press [F6] REC to start the Resample, Press [>] (play) to begin recording the resample. The Motif ES will draw the wave as it samples.

* When the song is over press [F6] STOP. The Motif ES will take a few moments to gather the data.

To create the .wav file:

* Press [FILE]

* Press [F1] CONFIG

* Press [SF1] CURRENT

* If you will be saving the resampled song to a SmartMedia Card set the Current parameter to CARD. To save to a USB device, set this parameter to USB

* Press [F2] SAVE

* Set the data TYPE field to WAV

* Cursor down and Name the wave (If desired, navigate to the subdirectory where you want to save the *.wav file.)

* Press [ENTER]

* The ES will ask you which TRACK and NOTE to save as a wave file. Enter the values you selected as the sample destination in the procedure above.

* Press and hold the AUDITION button to make sure your sample is there.

* Press [ENTER] and the Motif ES will export the sample as a .wav to your SmartMedia card or USB device.

Hope this helps.


Brad Weber

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Posted on: February 27, 2009 @ 08:41 PM
Total Posts:  963
Joined  06-07-2006
status: Guru

Thanks a bunch DrDel and Brad!!!

Best, John

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