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Viewing topic "Kontakt Player plugin glitches with MOXF8"

Posted on: September 20, 2023 @ 10:05 AM
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Joined  09-20-2023
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I have a MOXF8—all my other VST plugins work fine with it in Reaper.  However I got Kontakt Player 6 and 7 (free version) and this doesn’t work well with the MOXF8.  Notes on many patches have prominent note off sounds, most patches have infinite sustain.  Works ok for percussive sounds not capable of long sustain.

This is true whether I’m just playing, recording, or playing back.

When I look in Midi event recording, only the note on messages are recorded.  The note shows its duration in the piano roll, but keeps on playing after the note ends.

I can use the Virtual Midi Keyboard within Reaper to trigger Kontakt and that works fine.  I can’t find any settings within the MOXF8 to filter what MIDI events it’s sending.  I’ve tried both the old-school MIDI cable and the USB MIDI connection.

I’ve tried loading the Kontakt Player directly in the channel, and also loading the “Komplete Kontrol” plugin first and loading Kontakt Player within it.  I get the same result either way.

I have seen in a few forums that this is a bug in Kontakt 6 and 7 that isn’t a problem in Kontakt 5.  However I can’t find a free version of Kontakt 5 Player.  It boots in demo mode and asks for activation.  Not sure why the newer version would be given for free and the old version isn’t?

Sorry for the long post, trying to cover all my troubleshooting history!

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