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Viewing topic "Playing MIDI files on S90 AND beyond…."

Posted on: October 06, 2020 @ 11:20 PM
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Joined  11-01-2003
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Does anyone here play MIDI files on their S90? I’m using an MOXF now and I’m trying to figure out how I might play the Songs created on the MOXF on an S90 or S70? I know I can save my MOXF Song files as SMF/MIDI files, but they do not retain all of the MOXF aspects.

I am guessing that the only way to then re-create those files for S90 would be with an external DAW where the MIDI file would be loaded as a sequence, the S90 interfaced and its Voices assigned and then THAT sequence (phew) turned into a new MIDI file.

But would THAT MIDI file play on an S90 from a USB and sound like it did in the computer?

(WHY am I wanting to do it this way? Because I miss playing a weighted hammer action and I’d rather not own yet another MOXF, the 88 version, and the action on the S90/S70 is I’m told a step up from the MOXF8.)

Anyway, I’m just spitballing here because I have no recent experience with anything but the MOXF so I’m hoping somebody out there can describe a correct work flow that would allow me to use an S90 or S70 at future gigs. 

I believe there is also a way that I could simply record my Songs right off the MOXF, turn them into WAV or MP3 files and play along with them. And even use the S90 internal output to play them. So any suggestions on that method, I’m also open to hearing. I realize that, with either method, there’s very little I can do to tweak anything on the fly except the part I’m playing live, onstage. And doing so after the gig means doing so on the DAW. 

Opinions, suggestions, out and out scorn—fire away!

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