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Viewing topic "Request: PLG150-VL Visual Editor MacOS version"

Posted on: October 09, 2017 @ 09:03 AM
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Joined  07-20-2009
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I’ve just bought a PLG150-AN from eBay (to be honest I’m still waiting for it...). The seller is Japanese and didn’t provide neither a manual nor the original CD-ROM that accompained the PLG board.

Is there anyone here on this forum that can help?

Thanks in advance,

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Posted on: October 18, 2017 @ 08:16 AM
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Joined  06-13-2014
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Mac version is pretty old (OS 8 - 9.2.2) for the editor.
Plenty of threads here in getting the old plug-ins to work in
XGWorks for Win 7 etc. Unsure about Macs though.

Also thread on files that came on FDD -

VL manual attached

**Edit** - Confirm if AN or VL board??


File Attachments
Yamaha PLG150-VL Manual.pdf  (File Size: 501KB - Downloads: 1844)
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Posted on: October 18, 2017 @ 10:22 AM
Total Posts:  30
Joined  07-20-2009
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Very kind of yours!

I still use an old Apple Macintosh G4 runnuing MacOS9.2 just to program my old synthesizers, such as Motif ES Rack + 2 PLG150-AN, CS6R + PLG150-AN and PLG150-VL.

AN Expert Editor is still a great piece of software that helps me so much.
It doesn’t matter if it is slow and sometimes hangs up. Editing user patches with it is very satisfactory.

I hope to use also Visual Editor, hoping it’s in English…

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