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Viewing topic "Yamaha vintage instruments and USB connection with iPad"

Posted on: May 06, 2017 @ 09:12 AM
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Joined  08-20-2007
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I would like to share this information that could be useful for others.
When I replaced old iPad with the latest iPad Air 2, I was really thrilled while using it with MOXF and Rack XS. But, since I had at that time also Motif ES, I was satisfied that ES was also seen in iPad over USB connection. Recently I have sold ES, but keep plug-in boards (VL, DX, AN). For that purpose I found on eBay MU2000EX in very good condition. Connection with iPad works until iOS moved to v10, when I have received message that device is not supported.
In that case I could use MU only with iMX-1 MIDI interface. Yesterday I have updated iOS to the latest version 10.3.1. Than I have tried to start again MU over USB. On MU screen I’ve seen “Host unreachable”, while on iOS the last message still remains. But, when I have started Cubasis, message on MU disappeared and in Cubasis I have new USB MIDI device with all 8 ports! Everything function smoothly and I could even play plugin sounds using on screen keyboard!
One another good thing is that MU is also compatible with Bluetooth MIDI interface MD-BT01! Although Yamaha reported that only latest devices are compatible, this worth trying, since I could play MU sounds over MIDI keyboard connected to iPad via USB, while MD-BT01 is plugged into MU.
Hope that this information will be useful to community.


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