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Viewing topic "Motif XS mLan network with 01X Driver question"

Posted on: April 03, 2016 @ 10:56 AM
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Joined  03-31-2008
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Hello Folks

I want to build a mLan network between my Motif XS8 and my Yamaha 01X, but I think the drivers are not compatible anymore.

Which drivers do I have to instal to make both machines work together as one mLan network.

Do I have to instal Studio Manager V2 for this?

What software/Firmware for Motif XS do I have to install for making this 2 units a mLan network?

the 01X runs solid with a win7 32bit Asus Laptop and mLan driver/mLan Tools 1.63 installed.

The boot OS of the 01X is 1.02
Firmware of the 01X is 1.03

The Motif´s firmware is 1.6.0

DAW is Cubase 5

I know that the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver for Motif XS isn´t good for the 01X. mLan driver 1.63 works with both units?

Do I have to put 1394 Driver under Motif XS Utility page to mLan, not FW to make them work together via mLan?

Please help
Thanks and Blessings

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