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Viewing topic "Arpeggio trill for mandoline/guitar"

Posted on: July 28, 2014 @ 09:21 AM
Total Posts:  80
Joined  08-28-2002
status: Experienced

I have a lot of arps on my motif XS and tried the trills in the library (see my earlier posts).

I am not an expert in arpeggio-building, but I wonder how far I can come to the example below (Product=RealGuitar) :

I focus on the trills with different notes at the same time.

Should this be feasible on a motif XS ?

There are some difficulties I presume :

- Note off gives also (another) sample response, or ?
- In the example is no arpegiator used,

How to start this on the Motif to come as near as possible to this result ?
Shall I make use of the arpegiator or can I use other means ?


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