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Viewing topic "MOTIF XS6 & Ableton Live 9 MLANe2 MIDI & Audio Channel Routing"

Posted on: June 16, 2014 @ 07:58 AM
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Joined  06-16-2014
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I’m hoping that someone out there can lend a helping hand with the config/routing i’m attempting.
What i’m after is a configuration or routing where the MLANe2 16 x channels can be correctly seen. Imagining it would show up as drop down options of MOTIF or MLAN/FW CH-1 to 16 etc.

Basically what i’m trying to achieve is a one to one mapping of the MLANe2 16 channels to Ableton Live 9 so i can monitor and record each track individually. Utilising the sequence transport controls on the XS6 but doing away with the onboard sequencer and using live9 as my main / only sequencer. Basically just recording the audio and

I also would like to play midi tracks in live9 via the MLANe2. Triggering the voices/sounds on the XS6.

Because that may be a little confusing, i’ll try and summarise the requirements i’m looking for help with.

1. MIDI Routing / Recording
1.1 - Live 9 MIDI Notes to XS6 to trigger XS6 Voices.
1.2 - XS6 to Live 9 MIDI Signals to record in live9.
1.3 - Bi-Directional MIDI Master & Slave Configuration
2. Audio Flow / Routing
2.1 - MLANe2 Expansion Card (16 Tracks) to be seen and assignable in Live9. Recording to Live9.
2.2 - MLANe2 used as the output soundcard for Live9

I’m close but a little help from the more saavy on the config side would be really helpful.

Current Software:
- Mac OS X, Snow Leopard 10.6.8
- Latest MOTIF XS Editor
- Latest FW Driver for MLANe2 Expansion Card on MOTIF-XS6
- Ableton Live 9
- Motif XS6 VST Plug-In

Current Configuration:
1. Ableton Live: APC40
1.1 Within preferences on live9. APC40 Input: MOTIF XS6 (Main) APC40 Output: None or MOTIF-XS6 (Main). Toggling for various reasons.
2. MOTIF XS-6: XS Editor states it is currently offline. This is very likely because i haven’t got the midi and settings on board the XS lined up right yet.

Hopefully there is some good, ideally detailed recommendations out there to help with the setup i’m after.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted on: June 16, 2014 @ 10:05 AM
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Joined  07-30-2002
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What i’m after is a configuration or routing where the MLANe2 16 x channels can be correctly seen. Imagining it would show up as drop down options of MOTIF or MLAN/FW CH-1 to 16 etc.

the 16 channels from the mLAN16e2 should properly be referred to as “audio buses”, not only because that is what they are but to differentiate them from MIDI Channels. They are exclusive and quite different.

A single audio bus can carry one or multiple passengers along a specific route from one destination to another. There are single tier buses (mono) and double tier buses (stereo) each can Cary one or more passengers (the passengers can be internal synthesizer PARTS, or the A/D INPUT Part.

The audio buses for the mLAN16e2 can be configured as the main L/R plus fourteen assignable buses (m1-m14). The assignables can be configured in odd/even pairs (m1/m2, m3/m4, etc) or as individual mono buses as necessary.

The audio buses are assigned as PART parameters within you Motif XS. This means in Performance, Song and Pattern modes. All Voices in Voice mode are fixed to the main L/R output.

From Performance, or Song/Pattern Mixing
Press [EDIT]
Press a PART SELECT numbered button to select the Part 1-4 or 1-16
Press [F1] VOICE
Press [SF2] OUTPUT
Highlight the OUTPUT SELECT parameter
Press [SF6] LIST
The dropdown will show you all the possible output assignments available for that PART

“asL/asR”, “as"L and “asR” are the analog assignable outputs and do not refer to the mLAN16e2
“drum” appears if you have selected a Part that contains a Drum Kit Voice, and allows individual drum key output assignments to be respected from with the Kit Voice.

L/R is the main stereo pair and is the default for all Parts.
When a PART is routed to an assignable it is removed from the main stereo output - this allows the Part to isolated and recorded discreetly to your DAW.

1. MIDI Routing / Recording

MIDI routing and recording is a totally separate function from audio. 16 MIDI tracks do not equal 16 audio tracks. They nothing to do with each other. Nothing. MIDI tracks and Audio Tracks are two separate destinations and routing is handled totally separately in your DAW. Learn the difference in how your chosen DAW desks with this.

For each PART you route on a bus, you need to make a corresponding INPUT in your computer software. For example, you might opt to route your piano Part on “m1/m2” a stereo pair. You might decide to route your strings, pads and brass to a stereo pair “m3/m4”, your rhythm section and percussion to “m5/m6” and so on, grouping items as you go… For each bus you must make a corresponding Input on your computer, and connect a corresponding audio Track.

About Versions:
Saying you have “the latest” driver, “the latest” firmware, “the latest” software versions of data is really telling us nothing because without the version number we cannot tell. The “latest” as in, most recent date does not necessarily mean it was for your computer operating system and type, it just means the most recent by date, so you need to provide the firmware version, the Driver version, and any software versions you have downloaded - we know, we know, you probably read everything and have probably got the right ones, but we’ve been doing this long enough that we have been there and done this and have all the t-shirts and have been down this path with literally hundreds of people. That should be enough reason for us to request exact version numbers, rather than “the latest”. It helps eliminate trouble spots.

Especially since your computer operating system is NOT “the latest” but is several versions OLD, reporting your version numbers is going to be critically important when troubleshooting. There will come a time, my friend, when YOU will be non-compliant running Snow Leopard when Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks have all come and gone. These can cause some things you might expect to work to malfunction or not work at all.

So in fact, when you visit the download site, there are reasons for older versions to listed - you do not get to just download “the latest” - YOU and others like you, are the reason older versions of drivers, firmware and software remain listed. I mean if “the latest” worked for everyone we could take down the others, and just post the latest, no?

Nuff said…

As we said we do not know or have Ableton Live 9, others can help you with issues there.
Is Ableton Live VST3 compatible, yet? This will determine if you can run the Motif XS Editor as a VST or must run it Standalone.

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