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Viewing topic "SysEx for Element Switch"

Posted on: October 05, 2022 @ 12:38 PM
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Joined  07-02-2011
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Hello 5pinDIN, et al,

I’m a big SysEx user because I DON’T want to save changes to a new voice!  So far, I’ve been able to figure things out.  But not this one.  :-(

On this link:

I refer to your example of the code “41 ee 1A”.  So I NOW know YOU know something about SysEx !!  :-)

Let me explain with the SysEx I’ve tried (page 120 in Data List booklet):
F0 {deviceID} 40 06 00 56 F7 LFO depth
F0 {deviceID} 40 06 01 01 F7 LFO Source (MW)
F0 {deviceID} 40 06 02 00 4D F7 LFO Dest = ELFO-PM

This code works on ONLY those devices that have “ElmSw” set to 12345678
In MY case, I’ve used PG 000-000-000 which is the Concert Grand Piano.
It has “ElmSw” set to ----5678 (CTRLSET_1)
NO parentheses indicates this param is editable.

If I change the 00 01 02 to 04 05 06 the MW now changes the piano voice vibrato BECAUSE all “ElmSw” are set: 12345678 for CTRLSET_2

MY QUESTION (Finally!) is how to set ----5678 to 12345678 ??
I have tried this code (page 121 in Data List booklet) without success:
F0 {deviceID} 40 00 00 01 F7 Set ElmSw 1 to be on

I’ve also tried variations of 4x ee 00 also without success.
What are my choices (besides using CTRLSET_2)?

I can MANUALLY set ElmSw as needed so the LFO works on CTRLSET_1:
[Song] [Mixing] [VCE ED]
I have confirmed that the VCE ED view shows my LFO code (above) DOES set things correctly.  As this code works on most voices.

I’ve learned that anything I change from the front panel CAN be changed/programmed using SysEx.  Or, is that not 100% correct?

Thank you for your time and expertise on my question(s).  I am continually amazed at what the Mox6 can do AND I know I’ll never use it all!

I thank you, in advance, for your assistance with my eMusic programming!


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