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Viewing topic "MX owners - does the single insert effect change how the pads sound from the Motif XS/XF?"

Posted on: May 09, 2021 @ 10:26 PM
Mighty Motif Max
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Joined  04-30-2016
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Hi all,

I’m considering picking up an MX61 for a lightweight pad board to supplement my lightweight/college main board (Kurzweil PC4). I’ve been a huge fan of the pads in my Motif XF, which are mostly the same as the Motif XS. I know that the MX is based on the XS, but that it has a single insert effect vs two insert effects per voice in the Motif line. Not being able to compare the two, does anyone happen to know whether the pad presets on the MX differ in sound from the same Motif XS/XF presets?

Thank you!


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