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Viewing topic "Performance and MIDI playback"

Posted on: October 07, 2020 @ 04:25 PM
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I’m considering purchasing an MX8 and I’ve been reading the manual to try to familiarize myself with its features. Most of what I’m reading is encouraging. And it’s based on the Motif architecture, so I’m familiar with the terminology. But there are a few things vital to me that I wanted to be certain about. 

If I’m not describing ANY of what follows, please correct me!

A PERFORMANCE on the MX8 is different from a “Performance” on the other Motif workstations. On the MOX, S90, etc a PERFORMANCE is made up of (and limited to) 4 Voice PARTS, with each Voice allowed to run it’s own ARPs and there are 5 Arp variations that can be activated on the fly with physical buttons. 

It seems that a PERFORMANCE on an MX8 is different, in that it piggy-backs, so to speak, off a 16 PART MIX (in Motif/MOX terms) of 16 Voices. I’m not clear how that would compare with how I create and play with Performances on my MOXF, but for now I’m focusing on how PERFORMANCE on an MX8 applies to the playing back of MIDI files. 

It appears that a Standard MIDI (Format 0) file can be played (from a thumbdrive in the USB-Device slot) on an MX8 and assigned a Performance that will attach Voices to the 16 tracks (parts). 

If I want to do that with several SONGS (created by me, so not commercial/GM compliant) I assume I would create User Performances that would link with the individual MIDI files so that they are voiced correctly.

Am I describing this correctly? If so, what is the work flow for getting to that point? For instance, can any of that preparation—selecting Voices, mixing, etc—be done ON the MX8 or must it be done in Cubase?

For those of you with a more comprehensive knowledge of the Yamaha arranger/workstation product line, I’m looking at the MX8 because it seems to incorporate some features from the more expensive keyboards, particularly the weighted hammer action, and I’m hoping to find a way to re-do the material (SONGS, PATTERNS, PERFORMANCES) created on the MOXF8 to be playable on a lighter (but still 88 weighted) keyboard. The MOXF line is now (sadly) out of production, and possibly even S90/S70, and after spending a week with the new MODX, I find it to be pretty much a whole different instrument that lacks the features of the Motif/MOX family that I loved and relied on.

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Posted on: October 08, 2020 @ 12:13 PM
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I had an MO8 already, so I know the possibilities of patterns and midi sequences well. I am now using an MX49 and the MX88 works in a completely similar way also. This is a cheap instrument with many possibilities, but if you need more, I would prefer the MODX nonetheless. It includes the complete Motif XF sound set + 8x power FM synthesizer like the old DX7.

You can hardly edit anything on MX, so you need the *Vycro Pro free editor, because you can only achieve a 2 part sound preset combination on the instrument itself, while it is also possible for 16 part!, only the keyboard does not offer it on its own. One voice preset can consist of 8 multi-samples, but most of the factory sounds are used 2 samples dynamically only. This can give the impression of simplicity to many customers which Yamaha does not communicate properly. That’s why a lot of people see MX as poor.
Orherwise, these options are richer in a MODX naturally, and you can also use sample flash memory there. However, MODX is a higher category instrument, not an entry level.

MX is rather a cheap, lightweight solution e.g. for a “garage sized” small music group or home hobbyists I think so.

+1 answer:
You can use 4 arps on 4 different parts on MX in one performance setup, these are adjustable or turn on/off in part select or part edit modes, but you have no chance to alternate them like on a MODX with session switches and sets.


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Posted on: October 08, 2020 @ 02:15 PM
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My knowledge of the MX models is limited in comparison to what I know of the Motif/MOx ones, so I won’t directly address your concerns. However, you might find the following threads helpful in determining whether an MX will meet your needs:

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