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Viewing topic "Connecting Motif XS8 to Logic X on Firewire Interface"

Posted on: December 08, 2015 @ 10:14 AM
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Joined  12-08-2015
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Can somebody please advise?
My Motiff Firmware Version is 1.52
Using FIrewire with THunderbolt adapter to MacBook Pro (Yosemite version of OS)
Trying to use the synthe to record/sequence stuff.

There doesn’t seem to be any where I can find the correct information.  The Motif Manuals say to set up the Utility for Midi Control.  I followed that.  Connected the cable and then started up the Synth and the MacBook.  When I started up Logic and armed a new track to record - it was not talking to the Synth.

Then doing more research I thought I have to download the IEEE1394 Firmware Updater Ver.1.07 for Mac OS X.  to be able to see the Motif XS* from the Mac.  I ran the upgrade with no errors but following the instructions - the device “Yamaha USB Midi” should appear on in the Utilities window of the Mac if it installed properly.  I think the information is not very good - since I was expecting Yamaha FW Midi or something to that effect rather than USB.

In any case it still didn’t work.  I restarted every thing with the cable connected but the MAc and the Synth are still not talking.

Please help.

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Posted on: December 08, 2015 @ 10:47 AM
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Welcome to the forum.

I don’t use Logic and I’m not a “Mac guy”, so my suggestions will be on a basic level.

1) OS 1.5 isn’t the most recent for the XS - you might want to update it. Be sure to read and follow the directions and make a backup “All” file before updating.

New Functions in MOTIF XS V1.60:

Motif XS OS V1.60:

2) There might be some incorrect settings in the XS. The following support article, although discussing Cubase, has basic setup information:

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Posted on: December 20, 2015 @ 02:31 AM
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Joined  12-08-2015
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THanks for your response.  I finally started working on this again this weekend.
The Motif Firmware version should not be the problem.
The set up information was useful.

I have managed to get the keyboard working talking to the MIDI and when I startup the Yamaha FW APp on the Macintosh - it does know that I am using a Motif XS8.

What I did to get to this point was:

Follow instructions in the Motif Manual for MIDI settings.
Remote Control and MIDI settings.  Page 267 of the Manual but that might be different depending on which Manual and which point in time you are reading this.
In any case-On the Motif XS8
Press [Utility] button
Press [F5]
Make sure that [Interface] is set to MLAN.

Still in the Utility Mode(don’t press exit !)
Press [F2]
And make sure that [MLan Monitor Set UP] is set to “With PC(Direct Monitor)”

After that you need two drivers which you can get from

Find the IEEE1394 FIrmware Update Version 1.07 For Mac OS (my spefici configuration)

And the Yamaha Steinberg Driver V1.7.3 For Mac OS 10.10 X ( Again spefici to my equipment)

After installing all that - I was able to connect everything and start up Logic Pro and drive it from the keyboard.

I think I misunderstood the advice about having everything switched off and connect the cables before switching it on.  I think the Synthe should be off with the cables connected but the Mac should be on.  That way when you switch on the SYnthe - it triggers the Firewire connection and the MAc recognises that something has been plugged in. ....maybe.  That is only my theory - I have been struggling with this for so many weeks. Lots of theories in my head.

Next challenge is to work out how to actually use Logic X.

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