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Viewing topic "Bring back the DJX!"

Posted on: December 03, 2009 @ 01:40 AM
Total Posts:  305
Joined  07-03-2008
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I was recently shopping for a keyboard for my niece, and must say that there is a lack of cool entry level keyboards out there.

Yamaha used to have the DJX (the original being better than the DJXII, in my opinion).
If you don’t remember, or didn’t get to experience it, it was a portable keyboard with a filter section, sampling, ribbon controller, dance tracks, and great dance voices.  It essentially was a great beginner keyboard for those interested in a “synth” and at a really cheap price!  And so much more fun than any other portable in the price range (great for all ages—especially kids).

Is there no longer a niche for this?

I’d rather not buy a used one as a gift—will probably find something else.  But will Yamaha offer something like this again in the future?

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